IndianOil XtraRewards Get Free ₹50 Petrol For All

IndianOil XtraRewards Get Free ₹50 Petrol For All. If you are a regular petrol user, you know how quickly those bills can add up. However, what if we told you there’s a way to get free petrol? IndianOil Free Petrol XtraRewards offers just that!

IndianOil XtraRewards is a loyalty program that rewards you for your fuel purchases. Every time you buy petrol or diesel from IndianOil, you earn XtraPoints. These XtraPoints can then be redeemed for a range of exciting offers, including free fuel.

How to Avail Free Petrol Rs 50 Using IndianOil XtraRewards Offer:

One of the most popular offers available through IndianOil XtraRewards is the chance to get free petrol worth ₹50. All you need to do is collect 100 XtraPoints, and you can redeem them for a free fuel voucher worth ₹50.

  1. Click Here & Visit IndianOil XtraRewards
  2. Signup Using your Mobile Number
  3. Enter OTP >> Fill Details Like Name, Email id & Other Details
  4. After Confirm & Login into the Account
  5. You will Get Free 166 Points which equal to Rs 50
  6. This Points you can Redeem with Free Petrol
  7. That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offer

So, how do you earn XtraPoints? It’s simple – just make fuel purchases at any IndianOil petrol pump across the country. You earn one XtraPoint for every ₹10 spent on fuel. For example, if you spend ₹500 on petrol, you will earn 50 XtraPoints.

The best part? XtraPoints never expire. You can accumulate them over time and redeem them whenever you want. And with every redemption, you get closer to earning your free ₹50 petrol voucher.


In conclusion, IndianOil XtraRewards is an excellent way to save money on your fuel expenses. With every fuel purchase, you earn XtraPoints that can be redeemed for free petrol, discounts, and other exciting offers. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for IndianOil XtraRewards today and start earning XtraPoints!

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