Flipkart Pay Later Get Free Gift Voucher Rs 150

Flipkart Pay Later Get Free Gift Voucher Rs 150

Customers who use Flipkart Pay Later to make a purchase will get a free gift voucher worth Rs 150, which they can use for their future purchases on Flipkart. This offer is available for a limited time and is applicable only for Flipkart Pay Later transactions.

Flipkart Pay Later is a new payment method introduced by Flipkart, which allows customers to make purchases on the platform without paying for them immediately. Instead, the payment is deferred to a later date, usually 14-15 days after the purchase. This is a convenient payment option for customers who may not have the necessary funds to make the payment immediately, but do not want to miss out on a good deal.

How to Avail Free Gift Voucher Rs 150 Using Flipkart Pay Later:

To avail of the free gift voucher, customers need to make a purchase on Flipkart using Flipkart Pay Later. The minimum transaction value should be Rs 500. Once the transaction is completed, the customer will receive a gift voucher worth Rs 150, which they can use on their next purchase on Flipkart. The gift voucher will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

  1. Click Here & Visit Flipkart Website
  2. Register or Login into the App/Website
  3. Go to Menu >> Tap on Flipkart Pay Later
  4. Fill the required details like Name, Address & PAN etc.
  5. You will eligible to get Instant Credits Upto 1,00,000 in Flipkart Pay Later.
  6. After Completing the process, You will get Free Gift Voucher worth Rs.150 by Email or Direct Amount will be credited in Flipkart’s Gifts card, that can be usable on Cart directly.
  7. That’s it Enjoy Free Flipkart Gift Voucher

This offer is available to both new and existing Flipkart Pay Later customers. If a customer is not already a Flipkart Pay Later user, they can sign up for the service during the checkout process. The sign-up process is quick and easy and requires minimal documentation. Once the sign-up is complete, the customer can make the purchase using FK Pay Later and avail of the free gift voucher.

It is important to note that this offer is available for a limited time only and is subject to change without prior notice. Customers should check the Flipkart website or app for the latest updates on the offer.


In conclusion, Flipkart’s new offer of a free gift voucher worth Rs 150 for Flipkart Pay Later transactions is a great incentive for customers to use this new payment method. It is a convenient way to make purchases without worrying about immediate payment, and the free gift voucher adds to the overall value proposition. Customers should take advantage of this offer while it lasts and enjoy the benefits of using Flipkart Pay Later.






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