Download APK StepSetGo Invite Code Walk and Earn Free Rewards Money

Download APK StepSetGo Invite Code: aamerh7xdd Use this Referral Code and Earn Free Rewards and Money. Step Set Go App Walk and Earn free rewards with Step Set Go App. Walk to earn free products with Step Set Go. Every 1000 steps rewards you with 1 SSG Coin. Use SSG Coins to buy awesome products in our Bazaar. Every step you take is rewarded with SSG Coins. These SSG Coins can be used to get products/discounts/services in the BAZAAR without spending any ACTUAL MONEY!

Step Set Go Invite Code:

Join me on StepSetGo, an application that rewards you with free products, just for walking. Use code ‘ aamerh7xdd ‘ while registering and get 5 SSG Coins to start off.

SSG Invite Code aamerh7xdd
Using Referral Code Get Free 5 Points
Earn per Referral Points 5
Invite a Friend program Only For App
SSG Redeem Point FREE Rewards

How to work StepSetGo Walk and Earn Free Rewards:

  1. Click Here & Download Step Set Go App
  2. Step Install StepSetGo on your phone and start walking.
  3. Earn 1000 steps = 1 SSG Coin 1000 OUTDOOR steps = 1.25 SSG Coins
  4. Redeem Use your SSG Coins to get awesome rewards at the StepSetGo Bazaar.

Step Set Go App Features:

  • Earn more outdoor: Get coins at a 1.25x rate when you walk outdoors
  • Invite Friends: Add your freinds and compare your progress
  • Bazaar: The Bazaar changes frequently to make sure you have fresh deals, always!
  • Challenge your friends: Compete every week with all the user on the application
  • Events: Regular events give you a chance to win high value products in a short time
  • Levels: Levels help you get regular with your walking habits. Level up and see the full colour of your app change.


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