Download Bzinga Referral Code Get Free Tickets Lowest Bid

Download Bzinga Referral Code Get Free 50 Tickets Lowest Bid

Download Bzinga Referral Code Get Free Coins. In a cluttered ecosystem, where brand differentiation is critical, Bzinga is uniquely poised to help brands and customers alike as a product discovery and engagement platform. We work with brands to evaluate their product offering and also create opportunities for customer engagement with them.

When your friends sign up and purchase tickets using the referral link, they get 50 free tickets and you get 20!

Hi! You should try out the new Bzinga app. Unlike other auctions, here the lowest bid wins, if no one else has bid on the same price. You can download it from here:

Bzinga Referral Code:

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Bzinga Referral Code

If you are experiencing problems, please WhatsApp us at +91-99679 01016.

We are very small team, but we are working around the clock to fix the bugs in Bzinga.

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Thank you for all your feedback. While we are delighted that so many of you are using our app, we are deeply saddened to see that many of you are experiencing bugs that prevent you from enjoying Bzinga as you should. Bzinga Referral Code

We have identified three major bugs affecting many users:

1. Players are seeing that someone else won at the same bid price as them.

– Instead of displaying the winner’s bid price, the app is displaying the player’s own bid price as the price someone else won at. We are fixing this issue now.

2. Some players are not getting the tickets after successfully paying for it.

– This was a major bug we discovered with our payment gateway service provider. We are working with them to fix this issue.

3. During the live TV show, many users are getting signed out, or are being unable to place bids.

– Over 40,000 people were placing numerous bids at the same time during the TV show. This unprecedented load affected some of our servers. We are working to improve this.



With thousands of products added all the time, Bzinga is an exciting auction app with a twist:

Unlike normal auctions where the highest bid wins, in Bzinga, the LOWEST BID WINS! Yes, you read that right.

But there is a catch: If TWO or more players place bids at the same price, that bid price gets DISQUALIFIED.

So your bid must be UNIQUE, and it must be the lowest among all unique bids.


Placing bids is easy. Choose a product, enter your bid amount (it can be as narrow as 1 paisa) and check how many tickets are required to place the bid.

When you place the bid, the tickets will be deducted from your account.


You will keep earning free tickets when you play regularly. But if you want to get more tickets faster, you can purchase them within the app or through our call center.


You can place one bid at a time, or place multiple bids together to improve your chances of winning.

All you have to do is to choose the number of bids and set the upper and lower limits for your bids.

The app will place the bids automatically within that range for you.


If an auction is active, you can check the status of the bids that you placed.

The app will also give you clues for placing bids with better chances of winning.

Checking the status costs tickets, so use this feature wisely.


When you win an auction, you must pay your bid amount to collect your prize.

If you don’t pay the bid amount within the stipulated time, you forfeit your prize.

Bzinga is full of surprises. Sometimes, you will get amazing consolation offers even when you lose the auction.


Go ahead and place bids on as many products as you can.

When you win a product, you can list it on the app’s marketplace for a neat profit.


Now Bzinga is a live TV game show!

Participate in the TV game show on your favorite channel using the mobile app and win amazing prizes!

What are you waiting for? With thousands of products listed every few minutes, there is always something to win! Bzinga Referral Code







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