Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10 Free

Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10

Download APK FieWin Referral Code Get Free Paytm Cash Rs 10. FieWin Refer and Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash by Referring Friends. FieWin Invite Friends earn free cash reward bonus. The most effective every time you invite a valid user, get Rs 50 rewards. You can participate in the above game using daily rewards bonus or refer bonus. after winning the amount redeem it instantly in your bank account or make instant recharge. The highest amount the top 10 daily order commissions can get high rewards. Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.

If you’re looking for a way to make some free money, then FieWin might be the app for you. This app allows users to refer friends and earn cash rewards in return. Simply download the app and sign up for a free account, then start referring friends. After each referral makes a purchase, you’ll receive a small commission as well as bonus rewards. Download APK FieWin Referral Code Get Free Paytm Cash Rs 10.

Alternative Colour Prediction Game App:

I Personally invested money in download apk FieWin App. I don’t give advice you to invest money. If you want to earn then it’s up to you to by playing game. Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.

If you’re looking for an app that will help you save money, FieWin is definitely the app for you! With this app, you can download and use apps and games for free. In addition, by referring friends to the FieWin app, you can earn free Paytm Cash. So if you’re looking for an app that can help you save money and make some extra cash, then FieWin is the perfect choice!

FieWin APK Download Referral Code 2023:

Join Download APK FieWin App and earn free Rs 10 Cash Bonus with my referral Link – Click Here. Redeem this cash bonus in your paytm wallet. Download APK FieWin Referral Code Get Free Paytm Cash Rs 10.

FieWin APK Download Referral LinkClick Here
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Earn per ReferralRs 10
Invite a Friend programApp/Website
FieWin RedeemPaytm Wallet
Fiewin APK Download 2023

Fiewin is a new app that allows users to earn free Paytm cash by referring friends. The app is currently only available in India, and it’s expected to launch in other countries soon.

To start earning, simply download the Fiewin app and create an account. Once you’ve registered, you can start referring your friends. For each friend that signs up using your referral code, you’ll earn Rs. 10 in Paytm cash. There’s no limit to how much you can earn, so start Referring and start earning today!

How to Avail Fiewin 4rs Link Get Free Paytm Cash:

  1. Click here & Download APK FieWin App
  2. Register with New Account by verifying your mobile number
  3. After Successfully login into the app you will get Free Rs 10 Cash Bonus
  4. FieWin Refer and Earn Unlimited Cash Bonus Per Referral Get Rs 10
  5. FieWin Transfer Cash Bonus into Paytm Wallet Minimum Transfer Rs 31

Download APK Fiewin App Latest Version 2023:

Download APK Fiewin Login Online Game Website Must Use Fiewin Login App Download Refer Earn Offer ₹50 SignUp + and Earn Free PayTM. Follow the given above steps to Join fiewin apk and there is no need to download fiewin mod apk and you can use it directly by the website. So Join using fiewin mod apk Referral Code and Start Earning unlimited cash in your Bank Account Now!!

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money by playing prediction-based games, you may be out of luck. The Fiewin app, which allowed users to do just that, is no longer available on the App Store. However, you can still download APK Fiewin from here.

Fiewin was a popular app that allowed users to play games and earn money based on their predictions. The games were simple and easy to play, and many people enjoyed the opportunity to win some cash. Unfortunately, the app is no longer available on the App Store, so if you want to play, you’ll need to download APK Fiewin from here.

How to Play Fiewin Game Top Games in Fiewin Apk Download Latest Version:-

Get ₹500 Now on Download APK Fiewin Latest Version and start earning more by playing games, First-Parity, Minesweeper, Dice, Ander-Bahar, Parity, Crash, HiLo, and more games Coming Soon. Download APK FieWin. Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.

Exciting Games on FieWin:

FieWin offers a wide variety of games to keep you entertained while you earn free Paytm cash. Some of the games available on the platform include:

  • First Parity: A simple yet engaging game of guessing odd or even numbers, where you can earn rewards based on your predictions.
  • Minesweeper: A classic game that challenges your strategy and logic skills to uncover hidden mines without detonating them.
  • Andar Bahar: A traditional Indian card game that is easy to learn and offers endless entertainment.
  • Crash: A thrilling game that requires you to cash out your earnings before the market crashes.
  • Dice: Test your luck by predicting the outcome of a dice roll in this classic casino game.
  • HiLo: A card game that challenges your ability to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card.
  • Circle (NEW): A new addition to the FieWin platform, Circle is a game of chance where players must guess which numbered section a spinning ball will land on.

Download APK FieWin is the latest published online gaming App from which you can earn money by playing online games. This is a little different gaming App as compared to other online gaming. In this App, you will get Prediction games to play and make unlimited earning from them. You have to simply predict the color, number, etc on this gaming App and if your prediction went right then you will get Real Cash.

1. First Parity:

fiewin fast parity in this game you have only limited time to predict right color. Guess Right Color Between Green, Red & Violet if you predict right color you will win double money. There will be a total of 30 seconds. 27 seconds to predict and 3 seconds for the result

Fiewin Fast Parity-min

2. MineSweeper

Fiewin MineSweeper Play this game in three ways you can choose 2×2, 4×4, or 8×8 which you like choose game. The length and level of rewards in the method for each are different. The length and level of rewards in the method for each are different. The following is an example: 4 4, In the 16 boxes, one of them was blocked with a mine. The objective of the game is to find a box without mine, and each time you find one, a bonus will be received.

3. Andar Bahar:

If you play card games, you understand Andar Bahar. In Fiewin, this is identical. First, as usual, choose the bet. A hole card will be shown. Now choose between Andar or Bahar in 30 seconds. Now cards will be dealt. Now if the hole card shows Andar of Bahar, whichever first will win.

4. Crash Game:

The crash is also an interesting and popular game & this is my favorite game. To begin the play, select the bet. In this game, there will be a multiplier that will climb from 1.00x up. You may stop at any time to multiply your bet. However, if you choose not to pause at the correct time, you will lose your money.

5. Dice Game:

Dice is another gameplay available with the Fiewin game. With dice, you can interpret a number between 1 and 100. This game will be completed in 1 minute, where in 45 seconds, you can order, and the number of spins is shown in 15 seconds. If you intuitively predict how the result will appear on the dice and that number has been determined, you win a game or if not, you will lose.

6. Hilo Game:

Hilo is another type of card game in Fiewin App. Each player needs to create a mandatory bet and chooses a card that will be revealed. Then the card with a hole will appear, and when that card is higher than costs incurred so far or much lower, it will score victory points.

7. Circle Game:

The circle is a new board game in the Fiewin app, and first of all, select a value. Your total will be 30 seconds to play. There will be three colors, three animals, one crown, and 38 numbers in it. Here’s how to correctly predict one. The circle will spin, and if you correctly predict a color, an animal, the crown, or the numbers in that section, you will win.

How to Recharge Fiewin App?

To add money to your account to play on the download apk Fiewin app, you’ll need to recharge your account. Follow the instructions below to Recharge on Fiewin. Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.

  • Open Fiewin App or Website
  • Login into the App
  • Go to Recharge Section >> Enter Amount
  • Pay Using UPI, Netbanking & Card
  • That’s it Enjoy

How To Withdraw Money From Fiewin Apk?

To withdraw money on the Feewin application, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Fiewin Apk or website.
  2. Go to the Feewin home page on the Fiewin Apk.
  3. Tap on withdraw and add your bank account. Enter the amount of money to withdraw.
  4. Tap on withdraw to finalize the process.

You have to make sure that the minimum withdrawal limit on the Fiewin app is ₹31. Once you make that much you can request a withdrawal. The transaction fee is ₹30 if the withdrawal amount is below ₹1500. If the withdrawal amount is more than ₹1500, the transaction fee is 2%. Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.


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  • Please don’t join such type of platform. Chances of profit 15% and loss 85%.

Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.

FAQs FieWin App:

Is the FieWin app safe to use?

Yes, the FieWin app is safe to use. However, make sure you download the APK file from the official FieWin website to avoid any potential security risks.

Can I use FieWin on iOS devices?

Currently, FieWin is only available for Android devices. There is no information on the availability of an iOS version at this time.

How can I withdraw my earnings from FieWin?

To withdraw your earnings, go to the ‘Withdraw’ section in the FieWin app and follow the instructions. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹300, and you can withdraw your earnings directly to your Paytm account.


FieWin is an excellent platform for anyone looking to have fun and earn some extra cash in their free time. With a wide variety of games, including First Parity, Minesweeper, Andar Bahar, Crash, Dice, HiLo, and the new Circle game, there’s something for everyone. So, download the APK FieWin app today, claim your ₹10 bonus, and start playing to earn free Paytm cash!


Here I / We / CoupenYaari / Owner / Author are not responsible for any loss done by FieWin or on by FieWin App. We Do Not Advice You or Force You to Invest or Purchase Plan On FieWin App or FieWin Website. I / We / CoupenYaari Personally Tested / Tried / Invested in FieWin and then Posted Here. I / We / CoupenYaari are not responsible if FieWin will not pay you / hold your payments / block your account / stop giving access or any kind of fraudulent activities to you / Colour Prediction Game / FieWin App. We advise you to invest wisely and pay for any plan at your own risk. Download APK FieWin Referral Code Get Free Paytm Cash Rs 10. Download APK Fiewin App.

Do you want to get free Paytm cash easily? The FieWin Referral Code is the perfect option for you! FieWin offers users a unique platform to earn unlimited Paytm cash by referring their friends. All you have to do is download the APK of FieWin, use the referral code, and start inviting your friends.

The process is quick and easy: Once your invited friend downloads the app and enters your referral code, both of you will receive 10 Rs in your respective Paytm accounts instantly! You can refer as many people as possible and earn unlimited Paytm cash with just one simple step. It’s also important to note that this offer is 100% free; no hidden fees or charges are applicable here. Download APK FieWin Refer and Earn Free Paytm Cash + ₹10.

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