Download APK MantriGame Recommendation Code 1604839

Download APK MantriGame Recommendation Code 1604839 Get Free Assured Free Paytm Cash Worth Rs 20 to Rs 100 Rewards. MantriMalls Refer and Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash Rewards. MantriGame App is Color Prediction Game App to Make Money Online with very less investment. You can Earn Daily Money Rs 300 – Rs 400 Daily If you Invest Rs 100 Rupees. If you Invest More Money and Earn Lots of Money. You can Predicate Number and Earn Real Money. Wingo Color Prediction Game Earn Free Money. Download APK MantriGame Recommendation Code 1604839 Get Free Rs 120 Cash Bonus.

If you enjoy color prediction games like MantriGame, Wingo is another platform worth checking out. It also allows users to predict colors and earn money, providing another great avenue for online earnings.

Alternative Colour Prediction Game App:

I Personally invested money in MantriMalls App. I don’t give advice you to invest money. If you want to earn then it’s up to you to by playing game.

MantriGame Recommendation Code:

Join MantriGame and earn free 20 – ₹100 with my referral code – 1604839. Redeem This Cash Rewards Paytm Cash Earn Between Rs 10 to Rs 100.

MantriGame Recommendation Code 1604839
Using Referral Code GetFree Assured ₹20 – ₹100
Earn per Referral₹20 – ₹100
Invite a Friend programApp/Website
MantriGame RedeemPaytm Cash
Download APK MantriGame Recommendation Code

Download APK MantriGame App Earn Free Real Money:

  1. Click Here & Visit MantriGame
  2. Register or Login into the Website
  3. Use my MantriGame Recommendation Code: 1604839
  4. Earn Free Daily Money Rs 200 to Rs 300
  5. That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offer

MantriGame Refer and Earn Daily Money:

MantriGame uses the thrilling concept of color prediction to help users earn real money. Users can predict the color and earn depending on the accuracy of their predictions. With an investment of just Rs 100, you could potentially earn Rs 300 – Rs 400 daily. If you choose to invest more, your earnings can significantly increase. Download APK MantriGame Recommendation Code 1604839 Get Free Rs 120 Cash Bonus.

  • Open MantriGame App
  • Login into the Website
  • Go to Menu >> Tap on Refer and Earn
  • Share your Referral Code with Friends and Family
  • Enjoy This Loot OFfer

The platform offers a lucrative ‘Refer and Earn’ scheme. You can refer friends and family to MantriGame and earn unlimited Paytm cash rewards. Each time your referred friend registers and plays, you get rewarded, increasing your earning potential. Download APK MantriGame Recommendation Code 1604839 Get Free Rs 120 Cash Bonus.


Here I / We / CoupenYaari / Owner / Author are not responsible for any loss done by MantriMalls or on by MantriMalls App. We Do Not Advice You or Force You to Invest or Purchase Plan On MantriMalls App or MantriMalls Website. I / We / CoupenYaari Personally Tested / Tried / Invested in MantriMalls and then Posted Here. I / We / CoupenYaari are not responsible if MantriMalls will not pay you / hold your payments / block your account / stop giving access or any kind of fraudulent activities to you / Colour Prediction Game / MantriMalls App. We advise you to invest wisely and pay for any plan at your own risk.


What is the MantriGame app?

MantriGame is an online color prediction game app that allows users to earn money by predicting colors.

Is the MantriGame app free to use?

Yes, the MantriGame app is free to download and use. Money is required only when you want to make predictions to earn cash rewards.

How does the MantriGame refer and earn scheme work?

Each time a person you refer registers and plays on MantriGame, you earn Paytm cash rewards. The more people you refer, the more you earn.

Is it safe to use the MantriGame app?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, most legitimate color prediction apps are safe to use. Always ensure you download the app from trusted sources and review their privacy policy.


The MantriGame app presents a unique and rewarding way to earn money online. By combining the exciting nature of color prediction games with the possibility of earning daily, MantriGame is a worthy contender in the online earning arena. The use of the recommendation code “1604839” sweetens the deal, offering assured Paytm cash rewards to new users. So why wait? Download the MantriGame APK today and start your rewarding journey of color prediction.

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