WHDMS Free Web Hosting For One Year with 1 GB cPanel

Free web hosting from WHDMS worth 1 GB Space 100 GB Bandwidth & 5 Email Accounts. In the competitive era of web hosting where the big companies like godaddy, bigrock, digitalocean and many more are providing 99.9% uptime web-hosting at very cheap price so to stand up in this type of competition WHDMS is providing web hosting for completely free for first year with 1 GB space and cPanel ready.

WHDMS Free Web Hosting Benefits:

  1. 1 GB Web Space.
  2. 100 GB Bandwidth.
  3. 5 Email accounts.
  4. Linux based hosting 5 FTP accounts.
  5. 5 MySQL accounts.
  6. More than 50 Softaculous one click installation scripts like Word Press, Joomla etc.,
  7. No ads or banners on your website.
  8. Daily auto backups.
  9. No credit card required.
  10. Hosted at US Server

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How to get WHDMS Free Hosting:-

  1. Click here to go to WHDMS Free Web Hosting Page.
  2. Then click on create account.
  3. Enter credentials like email adrress and password.
  4. Confirm mobile number (Please note :- Mobile No. is not registered before)
  5. That’s it you will get free hosting of WHDMS.

WHDMS Free Web Hosting Features :-

We do things differently. Here’s how we’re reinventing the servers…!

Scalable & Reliable infrastructure

WHDMS.com hosting solutions are scalable, reliable and extremely flexible. They can be adapted to fit businesses of all sizes and needs. It does not matter if your website is a fairly new one with not many visitors, (but one that could expect dramatic user traffic over time) or if it is a robust site with consistent traffic. Our auto scale features allow you to grow and shrink your web servers and application servers as needed. Unlike other web hosting companies, WHDMS.com makes use of an advanced load balancing system that dispatches requests to the backend server application servers. These servers, then process the code and feed data back to the load balancer. This ensures that webservers aren’t overloaded when during high traffic and we stand true to our promise of 99.99% uptime.

Multiple Tier Security

WHDMS.com offers the best in terms of reliability and security thanks to our Tier 3 and Tier 4 rated datacenters. All our datacenters have maximum level of protection including multiple layers of physical security, highest level of redundancy, dual powered cooling systems, continuous internet connectivity, and BGP4 routing. They are designed to withstand almost any unplanned failure. Battery powered UPS, diesel powered generators, continuous video surveillance, bio-metric security, best of the line fire detection and suppression systems, 24×7 staffing, and non-redundant HVAC systems contribute to our 99.9% uptime service.

World Wide Locations

WHDMS.com has servers in xx locations across the globe; all of these are hosted in Tier XX data centers. Locations include, xx, xx, xx, .. (Names of cities where servers are located) with more places to be added soon. Each of these servers is the best in class with state of the art facilities. Thanks to our multiple location network, you can now host a server close to your clients or at a location close to you.

24×7 Technical Support

The in-house customer support team is our source of pride. Come rain or shine, the WHDMS.com team is on the job round the clock to sort issues for you and answer your queries promptly thus ensuring unparalleled support. Send us your questions via email or discuss your web hosting problems through live chat. We also guarantee quick and immediate response- unlike others, you don’t have to wait endlessly for your tickets or emails to be answered. The tech support team is specifically trained in line with the latest quality management and information management systems. This, along with the best reporting system makes our web hosting services superior to others.

cPanel with PHP and MySQL support

All WHDMS.com plans include the cPanel control panel with PHP and MySQL support. cPanel is a widely used panel thanks to the wide array of built-in tools that help developers perform tasks easily and efficiently. With these efficient and unique PHP tools, starting a PHP website is easier than ever. You can manage your email accounts effortlessly, besides setting up mail forwarding and filtering facilities. cPanel also makes it easy for users to obtaining backups and managing sub-domains and even analyzing web statistics. You can also change the PHP versions or manage the PHP modules effortlessly.

Softaculous One Click Install

Softaculous is an automatic one click installer used for more than 300 online applications. From installing shopping carts to building, blogging tools, Softaculous ensures a smooth and efficient installation. The installer takes care of all technical tasks like checking server configuration files, creating MySQL databases, etc. so that you are free to install your website software in just a click.

Daily Auto Backup

WHDMS.com offers automatic daily backup of all the databases and the websites in your hosting account. This essentially keeps your data safe; backups can be accessed easily by using the install name and choosing the required ‘backup point’. This data includes your database, besides the theme and core files. While backup points are kept for a period of xx days from the date of backup, we can store it as per your convenience and the size of your site. Additionally, you can also create your own manual backup point to protect your data when making major changes to the site.

Free Migration

Banish those web host migration nightmares! The dedicated Migrations Support team at WHDMS.com ensures that the entire migration process is done seamlessly and with minimum headache involved. We take care of every aspect related to the move- right from transferring accounts via cPanel backup files or even FTP access. Our team can handle up to xx cPanel accounts or xx non cPanel hosting accounts for free. You can speak to the team anytime between xx- to xx, from Monday to Friday, or send us your queries via email.

Simple manageable control panel

Users can now open/manage tickets, pay invoice, change or manage their accounts within a single control panel using our easy to manage interface. WHDMS.com is committed to providing simple and uncomplicated solutions- the control panel allows you to manage the complete account within a single window. From checking your complete account history to changing/choosing your billing cycle, to checking your current configurations and checking status of tickets, the control panel lets you manage everything effortlessly.

How to Configure Domain name to free web hosting :-

As we take domain from different different companies like Godaddy, Bigrock at just Rs.99 so after that we knows how to take free web-hosting for one year now we have to point our domain to the the web hosting to start website up and running :-

How to Point Godaddy domain to WHDMS Free Web Hosting:-

  1. Sign In with Godadddy account
  2. Click on Manage My Domains
  3. Click on Manage DNS
  4. Select Nameserver and click on change
  5. Change option default to custom
  6. Now Enter WHDMS nameserver ( ns1.whdms.com , ns2.whdms.com , ns3.whdms.com , ns4.whdms.com )
  7. Then go to yourdomainname/cpanel
  8. Enter credential which get you on registered email address.

How to Point Bigrock domain to WHDMS Free Web Hosting:-

  1. Sign In with Bigrock account
  2. Go to My Account.
  3. Select Manage Orders in that List/Search Orders
  4. Click On domain name
  5. Click on Nameserver
  6. Now Enter WHDMS nameserver ( ns1.whdms.com , ns2.whdms.com , ns3.whdms.com , ns4.whdms.com )
  7. Then go to yourdomainname/cpanel
  8. Enter credential which get you on registered email address.

That’s it now your domain is pointed to free web hosting now you can use cPanel to set up your installation with Softaculous.

Now with Softaculous express installation in one click you can install on free web hosting:-

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