Whatsapp Red Tick Means Fake News Alert Government Action on Users

Whatsapp RED Tick Update – Government Action On Users – FAKE NEWS ALERT ☑️✔️✅🔥🔥🔥. Whatsapp Users Stay Alert don’t spread Fake News.

A red tick is only a false rumour. It doesn’t exist. Last year, on April Fools Day, someone made a screenshot of one and said it meant that the person who received it was going to be arrested by law enforcement shortly.

Perhaps you have seen a red badge? The badges are nothing. Anyone can download one, depending upon the device used, and if you use a launcher or an app like Notifyer. However, these are not Whatsapp symbols.

Whatsapp Read Tick Update Fake News Government Action:

Two blue ticks and one red tick indicates that the government can take action, One blue tick and two red ticks indicate that the government has initiated action upon you for that message. Three red ticks indicate that the government has already taken action and that you will receive a court summons.

Dear Whatsapp Users: When you send a message by Whatsapp, you will notice a single tick at the end of your post, which indicates the message has been delivered. you will find a pair of them , when it’s received by the addressee. The Pair turns blue, When the recipient reads it. This is the normal process for most of the posts. If you notice 3 Blue ticks, it’s being observed by a govt. agency. If you notice 2 blue & one red tick, govt, may take action, if necessary.

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