Which is Best Billing Software GST Vyapar vs MyBillBook

Which is Best Billing Software? Vyapar vs MyBillBook

My Billbook V/S Vyapar – Which is Best Billing Software App for GST Billing Invoicing? My Billbook or Vyapar? Finding the perfect accounting software for your business can be challenging, especially when you have fantastic options like Vyapar and myBillBook. However, pitting them against each other through a Vyapar vs myBillBook comparison can be helpful, especially when the need for the ideal business accounting software is so imperative.

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When you’re running a business, accounting for it is inevitable. You need to account for your sales and profits as well as expenditure and losses. Additionally, you need to account for taxes and other charges.

Traditionally, businesses relied on accountants for the job, and since things were easy enough, manual accounting worked just fine. However, the times have changed now, and manual accounting doesn’t work. You need to have the right accounting and billing software at your disposal.

Even the most qualified accountants use some or the other application for billing and accounting in today’s era. This gave rise to many accounting and billing software and applications.

However, accounting is a delicate topic involving all your transactions. Therefore, any information you put on an accounting or billing software is sensitive and confidential. So, you need to invest in one perfectly secure accounting and billing software that takes care of your end-to-end business needs as regards your accounts and finance.

But with so many options available at your disposal, how would you know the one that’s best suited to your specific business needs and requirements? Well, it’s undoubtedly challenging. This is Best Billing Software App for generate GST & Invoice.

But we’re here to make things a little easier with a detailed comparison of two of the most useful and feature-rich accounting and billing software – Vyapar and myBillBook. So, go ahead and read this Vyapar Vs. myBillBook comparison to find out which one will be a better choice for your business needs and requirements.

Which is Best Billing Software Vyapar vs MyBillBook?

Before we jump on a detailed Vyapar vs myBillBook comparison, let’s take a quick glance at the comparison for a slight overview and insight into a possible decision between the two. Best Billing Software Added Below Details.

S.NoPoint of ComparisonVyapar AppmyBillBook
1Scope of Accounts CreationCan create balance sheets and P&L statementsHas a much wider scope supporting the creation of end-to-end financial statements and accounting reports.
2Invoicing and BillingCreate and print custom GST and non- GST invoices and bills while also helping create other GST reports, filings, etc.Create and print custom GST and non-GST invoices and bills. However, doesn’t have additional features for other GST reports and filings.
3Sending Quotations and EstimatesHelps create quotes and estimates and convert them to bills and invoices at a later stageHas the same features and functionalities for sending quotations and estimates as the Vyapar app.
4Inventory Management SystemIt does not have a very strong or robust inventory management system.It has a very robust inventory management system that gives a dashboard view of inventory and helps manage it with stock replenishment reminders, etc.
5Payment and Transaction TrackingA very strong system for tracking all payments, receivables, transactions, orders, etc.It has a system for tracking payments and transactions, but it’s not as robust as the tracking provided by the Vyapar app.
6Delivery ChallansYou can easily create custom delivery challans for delivery acknowledgment.It has the same features for delivery challan creation as the Vyapar app.
7Business Reporting FeaturesThe report creation features are limited to the creation of GST reports.You can create all kinds of business, accounting, and GST reports on myBillBook.
8AccessibilityLimited accessibility due to confinement to a single device.You can access it from any place at any time from any device given that it’s built upon cloud technology.
9Plans and PricingVyapar Plan and Pricing models seem affordable starting at ₹599 for a year, but at this price, you can only use it on a single mobile device. The pricing for desktop access and both desktop and mobile access is much higher.myBillBook Plan and Pricing models are much more affordable in comparison to Vyapar, starting at only ₹142 per month for the most basic plan and providing access for both mobile and desktop and to multiple users. Other plans are affordable too.
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Vyapar Vs. myBillBook – A Detailed Comparison

The world is digital, and most things in businesses are managed and operated using different software and applications in today’s era. The accounting and billing parts are no different.

With so many rules, regulations, laws, and standards for accounting, the need to manage diverse and discreet accounting data, and requirements to issue and manage a large number of bills, an advanced, hi-tech, and feature-rich accounting software has become a must for every organization.

Vyapar and myBillBook are two such software that are most popular among businesses, individual units, and accountants. However, which one of the two would be more suitable for your specific needs and requirements? That’s a question that requires very thoughtful consideration.

The quick overview surely must have given you some idea. However, a detailed comparison of both the software will help make a more informed decision. So, let’s jump into this Vyapar Vs. myBillBook comparison to see which one is better.

The comparison will pit both the software against each other for their features, functionalities, benefits, and pricing. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

Scope of Accounts Creation and Billing

When you’re talking about an accounting and billing software, the first thing you want to check is the scope it offers you for accounting and billing.

Now, myBillBook definitely has a much wider scope in the area given that it’s an end-to-end accounting and billing software as opposed to Vyapar, which is an invoice creation and billing software that helps with GST billing and filings.

As such, you can only create bills and issue invoices using Vyapar. The most it will support you regarding accounting is the creation of GST reports, balance sheets, and P&L statements.

myBillBook, on the contrary, helps you manage your accounts in a much diverse way by helping with the creation of detailed accounts statements such as balance sheets, P&L accounts, cash flow statements, etc.

So, the scope is better with myBillBook as it will meet your end-to-end billing and accounting requirements which definitely go a lot beyond GST billing, invoicing, and filing.

Invoicing and Billing Features

You always look for an easy system to create your bills and invoices with all the GST and other charges accounted for. myBillBook and Vyapar are both great for the purpose. Both have spectacular features for billing and invoicing.

myBillBook has an excellent system that helps you create customized GST and non-GST bills and invoices. You can choose your themes and templates and make a professional statement by creating your bills and invoices on this software. Additionally, you can share them easily with your clients and customers for payments.

Not only that, but the app also allows you to create e-way bills with ease and flexibility, and you can even print your bills and invoices in any manner you want.

The Vyapar app provides similar features. You can use the application for GST, and non-GST invoicing and billing and even customize the invoices to set a different niche and visibility for your brand. In addition to invoicing, the application also supports other GST activities such as GST filings, inventory management, billing, and reporting. Printing your bills and invoices is also easy on this application, irrespective of the type of printer you have at your disposal.

So, both the applications are pretty much on the same level when it comes to invoicing and billing.

Sending Quotations and Estimates

You need to send quotes and estimates to the clients and customers before you can finally lock them in. Creating these quotes and estimates can be challenging unless you are using a software like myBillBook or Vyapar. Both the software have features for sending quotations and estimates to the clients and customers.

Both software make it easy for you to create quotes and estimates while also accounting for GST and other charges. Additionally, you can directly convert these quotes to bills and invoices when the time comes. So, you can save a lot of time on calculations and other processes and make your clerical and accounting operations more efficient.

Inventory Management System

Inventory management is an integral part of accounting and billing. You need to account for your inventory to keep a check on the existing stock and its usage. Proper inventory management ensures that your inventory is replenishing in time and the operations do not get hindered.

You can find a robust inventory management system on myBillBook. The system is equipped with features like low stock notification and reminders to ensure that you never run out of inventory. Additionally, you can create item categories in the inventory management system. So, if you have multiple items, you can divide them into categories, making the recording and update process much more manageable.

Besides that, the system also allows for stock adjustments and has many other functionalities essential in an inventory management system.

However, when we talk about Vyapar, there is no such system for managing your inventory in it. There are, of course, different features for order tracking, payment tracking, etc. But if you’re looking for a system that can manage your inventory and give a dashboard view of the same, Vyapar is not something that will help with it.

So, in this area as well, myBillBook takes the lead on Vyapar.

Payment and Transaction Tracking Features

A regular flow of payments is essential for any business or freelancer to continue operating. Therefore, when using a billing and invoicing software, you need to ensure that it’s actually bringing in the payments.

It’s never enough to simply issue the invoices. You might have to remind your clients and customers to make good on the bills issued in their name. Additionally, you may need to check whether the transactions made with your clients and customers were successful or not.

All these things require efficient payment and transaction tracking. Both myBillBook and Vyapar have features for the same.

myBillBook has a system for payment tracking and sending reminders. You can create invoices, send them to your clients and customers, and constantly send reminders via social media applications like WhatsApp to get your payments in an easier and faster manner.

Additionally, it has an “Accounts Receivable and Payable” feature that helps to keep a record of the amounts payable and the payments due. So, you can track all your transactions and ensure that everything is well accounted for.

Vyapar, in comparison, has a much better tracking system for payments and transactions. The application helps its users track and record all their business transactions, be it cash transactions, online transactions, or transactions by cheques, bank transfers, etc.

Additionally, the application has features to help you collect and make payments more easily with an end-to-end “Receivables and Payables” system. With this feature, you can create an online cashbook/ cash register, record the payments receivable and payments due, and even send payment reminders to collect the payments easily.

Besides that, the Vyapar app also has an order tracking system that allows you to track your orders for sales and purchases. With this tracking, you can have more ease in creating your GST bills and invoices by accounting for every sale and purchase and even the sales returns and purchase returns.

So, Vyapar has much better features when it comes to keeping track and record of cash, payments, and transactions.

Delivery Challans

You need to get an acknowledgment about the delivery of your consignments and order, and the best way for it is to attach a delivery challan with the invoice/bill. With myBillBook and Vyapar, it becomes easy. Both the applications have features to add delivery challans to the consignments, and you can quickly get the acknowledgment upon successful delivery.

myBillBook even allows you to create custom delivery challans as per specific and personal business needs and requirements. This is an added advantage when compared to the Vyapar app.

Business Reporting Features

Business reporting is an essential part of accounting and billing, and you need to look for features for business report creation and analysis in any billing and accounting software. Vyapar and myBillBook have excellent features for the same. 

myBillBook can help you create and analyze as many as 20 different types of business reports, including GST reports, accounting reports, and other statements. Moreover, you can share all these reports with professionals to get their opinion. All this helps in making better strategic and business decisions.

Vyapar has similar features. However, its focus remains on GST reports. As such, you can leverage the application efficiently for all GST needs and requirements and create and analyze any GST related report on it. Additionally, you can create Balance Sheets and P&L statements.

As such, the scope for business reporting and analysis on Vyapar is pretty limited, and myBillBook works much better in this area.


The accessibility to your billing and accounting software needs to be flexible. It’s a digital world that keeps moving. So, you want to have the flexibility to use your software and applications from any place at any time.

Given that both myBillBook and Vyapar can work on mobile as well as desktops, the accessibility is pretty straightforward. However, this mobile and desktop accessibility depends on the plan you’ve chosen (we’ll talk about the pricing plans in the next section!). So, you need to look into that first.

Besides that, the accessibility with myBillBook is much better, given that it’s based on cloud technology. Since the technology runs its software and applications on online servers, you can access your myBillBook account on any device from any place at any time, provided you have a stable internet connection.

The same is not possible with the Vyapar app. The Vyapar application is specific to a single device as it runs on one particular system and later backups the data to the Google Drive associated with the account. So, while you can work offline on the Vyapar app, which is not possible with myBillBook, accessibility is indeed a constraint as it restricts you to a single device/system.

So, if you’re looking for a software that will remain at your disposal at all times, then myBillBook is the option that you need to choose.

Vyapar & MyBillBook Pricing Plans:

Once you become aware of everything that you can get in a software or application, you instantly start to wonder how much it costs and whether that’s within your budget or not. So, when comparing two software, it becomes necessary to look at their pricing plans as that can be a game-changer and might flip your decision in no time at all.

So, here is a detailed look into the pricing plans of both the software, one after the other.

myBillBook Plan & Pricing

myBillBook Plan and Pricing model has three tiers, all of which are billed yearly. Hereinbelow are the details of all the plans.

  1. Diamond Plan @ ₹142 per month
    This is the most basic plan on myBillBook and allows access for two businesses, and you can create three different user accounts. Additionally, there are no limitations to the number of logins, and you can use the software on both mobile and desktop. So, it’s a pretty good and affordable plan at that price.
  2. Platinum Plan @ ₹242 per month
    The next plan has the same features as the Diamond Plan. However, for ₹100 more, you get access to the creation of up to 100 E-Way bills and an offline desktop application. So, if you feel the need to have the software offline too, and want to create e-way bills, then this plan will be a better choice.
  3. Enterprise Plan
    This is an exclusive plan that provides unlimited access to all myBillBook features and functionalities. However, the cost for this plan is not available readily, and you need to contact the myBillBook support team to get a quote.

So, the pricing plans are pretty affordable and budget-friendly. Moreover, you can get additional discounts by using a myBillBook referral code, which you can easily find by fishing a little bit on the internet.

myBillBook Referral Code

A myBillBook Referral Code can help you get more discounts on the plans and pricing of the software. The platform keeps releasing different discount coupons and you can find them easily by searching the internet. With these referral codes, you can easily save costs on getting a subscription for the software.

MyBillBook Billing SoftwareMyBillBook Referral Codes
Referral codej80jui
EligibilityNew users only
Referral income₹75

Vyapar Plan and Pricing

Vyapar is a free application for starters. However, if you want to leverage more than some basic functionalities, it’s better to go premium, especially when you can choose from multiple plans as per what suits your needs.

Here are the details of all the Vyapar Plan and Pricing models-

  1. Only Mobile Plans
    1. Basic Plan @ ₹599 for a year
    2. Saver Plan @ ₹1349 for  3years
  2. Only Desktop Plans
    1. Basic Plan @ ₹1999 for a year
    2. Saver Plan @ ₹4599 for  3years
  3. Mobile and Desktop Plans
    1. Basic Plan @ ₹2399 for a year
    2. Saver Plan @ ₹5499 for  3years

So, your accessibility largely depends on the plan you choose, and if you compare these plans with the myBillBook plans, they are much costlier. Nonetheless, just like myBillBook, you can save some costs by using Vyapar Referral Code which is again readily available on the internet.

Vyapar Referral Code

Vyapar is a particularly costly application, however, it’s a good one to manage your invoicing and billing needs and requirements. So, if you’re really in for this application, but want to save some costs, you can find discount coupons and codes by looking for Vyapar Referral Code on the internet. It can help you with some cost-cutting.

Vyapar Billing SoftwareVyapar Referral Codes
Referral codePNQ1G9
EligibilityNew users only
Referral incomeFree License

However, if budget is a concern, you know the choice that you have to go for. Best Billing Software 2022.

Final Verdict

So, that was a detailed comparison of Vyapar and myBillBook. Both the software are great for meeting business accounting and billing needs.

However, in the entire pitting of Vyapar vs. myBillBook, in most cases, myBillBook turns out to be a better solution. It has more features and functionalities, and it’s much more affordable.

So, it goes without saying that myBillBook emerges as a winner in this comparison. Whether you need to create bills and invoices or maintain detailed business accounts, myBillBook will help, and that too at a very reasonable and affordable price.

We hope that this Vyapar vs myBillBook comparison helped you see and understand the same and you’re ready and happy to go with myBillBook for meeting your accounting and billing needs and requirements.







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