Twitter Blue Tick Price in India Signup Link & Long Video

Twitter Blue Tick Price in India Signup Link & Long Video. Twitter Blue Services will get Extra Features and Benefits like Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Custom App Icons, NFT Profile Pictures, Themes, Custom Navigation, Spaces Tab, Top Articles, Reader, Undo Tweet, Prioritized Rankings in Conversations, Longer Video Upload, Half Ads, Longer Tweets etc.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, has recently made a bold move on Twitter by launching the new Twitter Blue Subscription Model. This new model allows users to access extra features for a fee of Rs 566.67 per month. The additional features include an “Undo Tweet” button, which gives users the opportunity to pause their tweet before it is sent out into the world as well as organizing tweets and direct messages into more manageable folders. Musk believes these added services will make a more organized and enjoyable experience for Twitter users around the world.

This isn’t Musk’s first venture into subscription-based services; he previously announced his own music streaming platform called ‘Tidal’ back in 2014, but was ultimately unsuccessful due to fierce competition from Spotify and Apple Music.

What is a Twitter Blue Tick?

A Twitter blue tick, also known as a verification badge, is a small blue checkmark that appears next to a Twitter account’s name. It confirms that the account is legitimate and owned by the person or entity it claims to be. This verification process is done by Twitter to help users identify and avoid impersonation, spam, or other misleading accounts.

How to Get a Twitter Blue Tick Sign Up Link?

Getting a Twitter blue tick is not an easy feat, as Twitter only verifies a select few accounts each year. However, here are the steps to get one:

  1. Click Here & Visit Twitter Blue Tick
  2. Complete your profile: Make sure your profile is complete, with a profile picture, header image, and bio.
  3. Confirm your email address and phone number: Twitter requires a verified email address and phone number for all verified accounts.
  4. Tweet regularly and follow Twitter’s guidelines: Tweet regularly, engage with your followers, and follow Twitter’s rules and policies.
  5. Apply for verification: Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can apply for verification through Twitter’s verification request form.
  6. Pay Money: Pay Money to Avail this Twitter Blue Tick.

Twitter Blue Features:

Twitter Blue, the latest addition to Twitter’s suite of features, is currently being tested and available on iOS. Twitter Blue allows users to access a range of new features for a monthly subscription fee.

The newly launched subscription model was created by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and is intended to provide users with more control over their accounts. Through the service, users have access to advanced editing tools, ways to organize their timelines, and additional content curation options. The aim is to give users greater control over how they use the platform while also making it easier for them to find specific topics or conversations.

For those who are interested in subscribing, Twitter Blue offers special discounts and exclusive free discounts on select products from some of the leading brands in the industry.

Twitter Blue Price in India:

Twitter Blue Price in India
Twitter Blue Price in India


In conclusion, a Twitter blue tick is an important symbol of credibility, authenticity, and prestige in the world of social media. While getting a blue tick is not easy, following Twitter’s guidelines and engaging with your followers can increase your chances of being verified. So, if you’re looking to establish yourself as a credible and authentic presence on Twitter, the blue tick is definitely worth pursuing.

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