Top Best Crypto Trading Apps in India 2023

With the growing amount of online payments, digital transactions, and ways to make easy money; Cryptocurrency has abruptly emerged in recent times. To give a smooth edge to their lives, to earn more profits, people have started investing in Crypto to try their luck. But several issues you might face while investing in Cryptocurrency!

Like you may be confused about which platform you should instead choose for secure payments? Which apps won’t sink your funds? How To Trade correctly? I’m a newbie in Crypto. How should I go ahead? 

How do Cryptocurrency platforms help? How are they useful for trade? It’s trendy to invest in Cryptocurrency platforms, or is it just a trend that everyone is following?

No, indeed, it is not a blindly followed trend. But Cryptocurrency is one of the convenient methods to earn well. You can invest your money, and you can buy Crypto coins, you can trade them, and lots more. However, for this purpose, you’ve to choose a good Crypto Trading app for the best trade.

With the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, more and more people are looking for ways to trade these digital assets. In India, there are a number of crypto trading apps that allow users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Here are the top best crypto trading apps in India for 2023.

Top Best Crypto Trading Apps in India

The following are the top Best Crypto Trading Apps in India that you can use without any worries: 

Best Crypto Trading App NameLink to Signup
1. WazirxClick Here
2. CoinDCXClick Here
3. Coin Switch KuberClick Here
4. UnocoinClick Here
5. ZebpayClick Here
6. BitbnsClick Here
7. CoinbaseClick Here
8. ColodaxClick Here
Best Crypto Trading Apps

1. WazirX Best Crypto Trading Apps

Recently, the name “WazirX” has been trending on social media. But what is WazirX? It is one of the most popular, trending, and reliable apps for Cryptocurrency trading in India. It is designed explicitly as a Cryptocurrency exchange app. For trading, you may invest using the app in the form of currencies like INR, BTC, USD, P2P, and some more. Best Crypto Trading Apps

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The platform keeps on developing to enhance users’ experience. WazirX has introduced its coins WRX on the platform to buy using INR. The benefit of WRX is that you can invest in different resources using WRX coins. You and your clients don’t have to worry about your capital and transactions. The app provides a two-factor authentication feature. You can even set a password for the app. However, as security fees, WazirX charges 0.2% fees for any trade or transaction carried out. As it acts as a platform that lets you trade using several currencies, it is widely used. 

You can buy and invest in upto different varieties of Cryptocurrencies available. It does not matter if you’re a newbie trader or an experienced one; it’s a simple GUI and filters that let you trade with ease. It offers the lowest trading fees in India amongst any other platforms, and it starts from INR 0. If you have a Binance account, you can log in to your Binance Accounts using the platform. WazirX implements all the transactions and trading procedures within a couple of seconds.

2. CoinDCX

CoinDCX, powered by BitGo and popularly known as a Bitcoin investment app in India. However, you can even invest in other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Altcoins, and much more. You can make secure Bitcoin transactions on the platform. You can link your account with your account for on the spot trading. 

You can exchange your Cryptocurrency in exchange for INR over the platform. CoinDCX is also known as India’s most flexible Cryptocurrency trading app. You can trade here with about 200 types of coins. You can set up the app using your registered mobile number or email ID. However, it charges 0.1% fees for trade. 

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The digital currency trading app lets you support only INR. Moreover, it provides you with an easy to use user interface. If you want to exchange cryptocoin, you’ve to use INR for payments. It has comprehensive security features for our users as we understand the value of your capital. It supports Leverage trading for about 130+ Cryptocurrencies available out there. Best Crypto Trading Apps

The platform has grown fast. It has gained over 4 million-plus users within some years. It provides customer support 24*7. It even provides cold wallet storage. For the highest security, it provides DDoS protection. You are not bound to any limits while trading on this platform as it provides continuous support for its users. You can even register at its website and then begin using the app. The app provides UPI, bank transfers, and much more; however, for an easy KYC process, you need documents like PAN Card, Aadhar Card.

3. CoinSwitch Kuber

One of the popular Cryptocurrency platform that allows you to invest, exchange and trade Crypto is CoinSwitch Kuber. When the app was just launched, the developer had claimed that they would not charge any trading fees in the initial 100 days for its initial 1,00,000 users out there. You can create your signup to your account using your mobile number. However, for trading, investing, or any action, you will have to complete the KYC process on the app. 

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You can trade Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and many Cryptocurrencies on the platform. It has an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI). CoinSwitch Kuber has recently emerged amongst the best Cryptocurrency platforms in India. You can sell or buy your Crypto coins at the best available prices worldwide. 

The platform offers several popular trading pairs like INR to BTC, INR to DOGE, INR to ETH, INR to LTC, and much more. You have an option to buy from over 100+ Cryptocurrencies and also offer the highest liquidity. As a beginner, you can quickly start investing from ₹100. You can learn a lot from its education section.

4. Unocoin

If you want to invest and manage your Crypto coins with the easiest, reliable, and safest Crypto Trading Apps in India, then Unocoin is the best for it. It is convenient to use, and you can trade anywhere and anytime using the platform. Be it any Crypto asset like Bitcoin, Ethereum,  Doge, or any other you want to trade with, it supports a wide array of them. However, it charges you with expenses of 0.7%, while Crypto Trading, which is unexpectedly more than what other platforms charge. 

For all your buying, selling, trading needs, Unocoin charges you cost-effective fees. You can even track your previous investments and transactions over the app. If you want to buy more Crypto, you can even check your available Crypto balance. A seamless and straightforward interface lets you track your investments and current balance.

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 You can modify your portfolio easily whenever required. It helps you assess the market by its interactive features. You can even gain insights from its leader board that displays the most traded, the top gaining and losing Cryptocurrencies over time. Unocoin supports you with the feature of creating a personalised list of your preferred assets so that you can monitor them from time to time. It is noteworthy for its seamless and bug-free interface. The app is compatible to support a wide range of Cryptocurrencies. 

Before you complete your registration, you need to ensure that your KYC is appropriately completed. It also lets you design your Cryptocurrency deals easily from its profile tab. It stands apart as it is the old and most trusted Cryptocurrency apps of India. The best part is that you are not charged for availing of facilities like NEFT, RTGS, UPI, and IMPS procedures.

5. Zebpay

Zebpay is yet another platform for Cryptocurrency change. It stands in the list of top Cryptocurrency apps but is also one of the oldest Crypto platforms of India. So, if you’ve been in the crypto market for a long time, then you might know it. As a part of the initial signup process, you’ll need your mobile number to create your account. Then you’ll need to verify documents to complete your KYC process for registration.

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You can also invite your known ones on the app. It will benefit you as it offers to refer and earn features. You will additionally need 100 INR for your UPI base deposit and 1000 INR as a base deposit for the various methods of instalment. Zebpay, the globally renowned platform, enables you to trade in many crypto pairs. It has a unique design that makes the app convenient for the ones who are not tech-friendly or those who are new in the Crypto market. If you’re already a pro, then you will find all the features in it quite useful. 

The app has its stand as it provides a Crypto savings account to you known as Zebpay Earn. If you deposit your Crypto in Zebpay Earn, then you are likely to get fixed returns on it at the end of each month. Whether you want to trade with your Crypto coins or withdraw them as INR, Zebpay does it all! Another exciting feature is the Zebpay Lending Platform. You could deposit your Crypto coins on the platform for 90 days or any fixed time, and it will again help you earn. To make your trade attractive, Zebpay keeps on bringing trading challenges and some exclusive offers for its users.

6. Bitbns

Looking for Crypto Trading Platforms that’s easy to get started? Bitbns is a secure Cryptocurrency platform that completes your KYC procedure in merely 5 minutes. You can trade Crypto Coins at the best competitive process using the app. 

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For managing users and providing you with the best trading experience, the app has introduced several features. Some of these include Real-Time Trading, Bracket Order, Margin Trading, Stop-limit Orders, Cryptocurrency Wallet, P2P INR Mechanism, Bitbns SELECT, Earn by Depositing, and much more. 

Like you will enjoy the benefits of instant support, you can earn by Depositing your Crypto coins, you can balance the risks involved in your Crypto trade, you will trade well by following the Real-Time Trading feature. 

Other features will help you more in Crypto Trading and lead you to a path where you can earn more. It is one of the crypto platforms that allows you to Leverage 4X while trading. You can buy and trade upto 100 different types of bitcoins in the app. It charges some amount as trading fees that are 0.25%.

7. Coinbase

With a whopping net worth of $2 trillion dollars Coinbase has come a long way. It has more than 68 million verified customers with 9000+ institutions, and 1,60,000 ecosystem partners in 100 of countries.

Whether you invest in cryptocurrency or use crypto as a payment method you can do everything with Coinbase. Coinbase was founded in 2012 with the belief that one can send and receive bitcoin safely. The app comes with a safe and secure user-friendly interface for gaining access to the larger crypto industry.

When you talk about the Best Crypto Trading Apps in India Coinbase is amongst the most popular trading app. It has most affordable markets with easy access. Overall, Coinbase is quite safe and easy to use. Even people with lesser knowledge about Crypto can easily use the app. It doesn’t throw anything if anyone is not sure about it.

8. Colodax

Colodax is one of the major blockchain platforms established in India offering lightning-fast trade execution, trustworthy digital wallets, and industry-leading security. Their objective is to  stimulate creativity, incubate new and emerging technologies, and drive disruptive change in the  blockchain sector. Colodax is one of India’s top ten cryptocurrency apps.

Moreover, this crypto trading app uses the most dependable and effective security systems on the market. They use a flexible,  multi-stage wallet technique to keep the majority of assets in cold storage. Colodax allows all users  to utilize two-factor authentication and offers a variety of other security measures to give many  layers of protection.

One of the reasons for Colodax success is that they take major concern when it comes to security. It has a neat and clean user-interface which is easy to use. Overall, this India based crypto trading app has flourished in the market. This app make it simple to keep tracks of your finances and investments.

The Final Verdict

All the above are Legal Crypto Trading Platforms in India, so you need not worry while using them. Because of the emergence of cryptocurrencies, there is no need for third-party involvement in  moving payments between parties. Technology that is both cost-effective and efficient—the process of transferring cash is free of  charge and moves at a faster pace. After the transaction is completed, the miners participating are  rewarded with bitcoin from the network.

Recently, the news was spread like wildfire that RBI will launch its Cryptocurrency. So, it might be that Bitcoin or some other Cryptocurrencies might be banned from India. It would help stay tuned to the economic news channels for these kinds of updates.

Moreover, investing in Cryptocurrency is always a loss when you see too much greed when you don’t even bother to know how to invest and trade! But it happens that still, you try trading. So you should take care “Half knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Constantly research well before investing in Cryptocurrency.

Q.1. Is Cryptocurrency Legal in India?

The Indian government has not yet legalized cryptocurrency trading, but that doesn’t mean it’s illegal. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or any other financial authority in India. This means that there is no legal protection if you trade on an exchange and something goes wrong. However, this also means that the Indian government has no way to track or tax cryptocurrency trading.

Q.2. Are Cryptocurrency transactions saved?

A.2. Yes, the transactions are saved in the blockchain.

Q.3. Which is the most popular Cryptocurrency in India?

A.3. Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular in India.

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