Swiggy Flipkart Offer: Flat free ₹120 Off on ₹149 Supercoins

Swiggy Flipkart Offer: Your Guide to Free Flat ₹120 Off on ₹149 Order Using Supercoins. Are you a Flipkart Supercoins hoarder and a foodie who loves ordering from Swiggy? If yes, then we have some great news for you! Flipkart has joined hands with Swiggy to bring you an irresistible offer. You can now get a flat ₹120 off on a minimum order of ₹149 on Swiggy by redeeming your Flipkart Supercoins. Swiggy Flipkart Offer: Flat ₹120 Off on ₹149 Supercoins.

How to Avail the Swiggy Flipkart Offer Using Flipkart Supercoins

Step 1: Check Your Flipkart Supercoin Balance

Firstly, login to your Flipkart account and check the number of Supercoins you have. You will need a certain amount to redeem this offer (usually 50 Supercoins).

Step 2: Navigate to the Rewards Section

Once logged in, go to the ‘Rewards’ section available on the Flipkart app or website.

Step 3: Find the Swiggy Offer

Search for the Swiggy offer under the ‘Food and Beverage’ section. Once found, click on it to proceed.

Step 4: Redeem and Get Your Swiggy Coupon Code

Redeem the required number of Supercoins to get your unique Swiggy coupon code.

Step 5: Place an Order on Swiggy

Log into your Swiggy account, select your favorite food items, and make sure the total is ₹149 or above. At the checkout page, enter the coupon code you received from Flipkart.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Savings!

Once the coupon is applied, you’ll get a flat ₹120 off on your order. Proceed to payment, and enjoy your meal at a discounted price! Swiggy Flipkart Offer: Flat ₹120 Off on ₹149 Supercoins.

Once the coupon is applied, you'll get a flat ₹120 off on your order. Proceed to payment, and enjoy your meal at a discounted price! Swiggy Flipkart Offer: Flat ₹120 Off on ₹149 Supercoins.

Additional Tips to Maximize Your Savings

While the Swiggy Flipkart offer is a great way to save, there are additional ways you can maximize your benefits. Here are some tips:

Combine with Restaurant Offers

Some restaurants on Swiggy offer their own discounts and meal combos. Combine those deals with your ₹120 off coupon to save even more!

Use Wallet Offers

Swiggy often has tie-ups with digital wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay, providing extra cashback when you pay through these methods. You can use these offers along with your Flipkart Supercoin coupon for added savings.

Family and Friends

If your family members or friends have unused Supercoins on Flipkart, they can redeem the Swiggy offer for you, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Swiggy Flipkart Offer: Flat ₹120 Off on ₹149 Supercoins

Is this offer available for all Swiggy users?

The offer is generally available for all users, but it’s best to check the terms and conditions for any specific limitations.

How many times can I redeem this offer?

The offer can typically be redeemed only once per Flipkart account, but always read the terms and conditions to be sure.

What if my Supercoins balance is low?

Unfortunately, you’ll need the required number of Supercoins to avail the offer. Keep shopping on Flipkart to earn more!

Is this offer applicable on all food outlets listed on Swiggy?

The offer is usually applicable across all food outlets, but again, it’s advisable to read the fine print for any outlet-specific restrictions.

What is the validity of the Swiggy coupon code?

The validity of the coupon code is mentioned at the time of redemption. Make sure you use it before it expires.


If you’re a food lover who also loves to shop on Flipkart, this Swiggy Flipkart offer is like a match made in heaven for you. The partnership between Swiggy and Flipkart allows you to enjoy your favorite meals at a fraction of the cost by leveraging the Supercoins you’ve earned through Flipkart. So why wait? Start redeeming your Supercoins now and make your meal times more enjoyable and affordable!

Happy dining and happy saving!

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