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STREADS Referral Code Get Free Cash Rewards. STREADS is a step recorder app that gives you streadcoins for your steps, which you can spend on various rewards such as electronic gadgets, e bikes, fitness equipment, apparels and many more. True to its tagline, STREADS gives you a feeling of EARN ON THE GO. It converts your steps into streadcoins, which user can redeem for various rewards. Streads Referral Code: CY100.

Join me on Streads, an application that rewards you with free products, just for walking. Use Link ‘’ or enter code ‘CY100’ while registering and join the revolution!.

STREADS fitness app offers the needed incentive and motivation that help you get more active and energized every day.

Streads Referral Code 2022:

Join Streads App and Earn Free Cash Rewards with my streads referral code: CY100. Redeem Streads Coins Purchase Free Thinks.

Streads Referral CodeCY100
Using Referral Code GetFree 5 Coins
Earn per Referral5 Coins
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
Streads RedeemPurchase Products

Download Streads App Referral Code Eran Free Coins:

  1. Click Here & Download Streads App
  2. Register with New Account Use My Streads Referral Code CY100
  3. Get Free 5 Coins & This Coins you can to Purchase Product
  4. Step Calculate you can add Free Coins
  5. That’s it Enjoy

Streads Refer and Earn Unlimited Coins:

  • Open Streads App
  • Login into the App
  • Go to Menu >> Tap on Streads Refer and Earn
  • Share your Streads Referral Code CY100
  • Get Free Streads Coins That’s it Enjoy

Unlike other apps, STREADS gives due importance to disciplined approach and continuity in walking. Streads Referral Code CY100

In the beginning:

  • Your every 1000 steps will earn you 1 streadcoins.
  • The moment you start making Walking as part of your daily routine:
  • Your 1000 steps can earn you up to 4.4 streadcoins.
  • The concept is simple
  • The more you are disciplined in walking—The fitter and healthier you are –The more are the chances of your winning amazing rewards.
  • Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight or keep track of your fitness level, you’ll find STREADS the perfect App



On Home screen you can get preview of all the important information.
To show your daily progress there are two rings. Outer ring the orange colored is for steps and the same can be closed by walking 5000 steps. Inner ring the blue colored is for coins; it closes when user walks 5000 steps in normal mode and 2500 steps in power mode.
Power mode is the mode during which you can complete your daily goal with half nos of steps. There are 02 powers of 30 mins each.

It also reflects the levels which you are, Wallet-reelecting total earned streadcoins, the steps covered on that day, the streadcoins earned that day and the Daily Bonus. Streads Referral Code


Levels change on the basis of how many days you walk in a week. Every week is a new week at STREADS, Four Level are – Alpha- This is the base level, where for completing daily goal, user will be earning @ 5 coins every day. Everyone starts at this level in new week, which starts on Monday. Bravo- This is the next higher level. Users are upgraded to this level, when they complete daily goal for more than any 2 days in a week, and they start earning @10 coins in a day. Charlie- This is the next higher level. Users are upgraded to this level, when they complete daily goal for more than any 3 days in a week, and they start earning @15 coins in a day.
Delta- This is the next higher level. Users are upgraded to this level, when they complete daily goal for more than any 4 days in a week, and they start earning @22 coins in a day.

To have a healthy completion among your friends, app is designed to change color of whole screen as per different levels. And no more panic of downgrading ..every week is new week here and all start at Alpha level, however they earn coins differently based on the what levels they achieve in the week.


This section is full of exclusive offers for free, prizes and discounts that you will not find anywhere else. You can redeem the coins you get by walking.

Invite & Earn

  • Share your progress with your loved ones, motivate them and invite them to join STREADS.
  • To make this more interesting, we on our part will be adding 05 coins in the wallet of both, yours and your friend’s wallet (when your friend joins STREADS).
  • As part of the services, we are functionality allowing you to search for friends by using your mobile Contact list also and when you elect to do this, you will be asked to allow the STREADS App to access information of Contact list. Provided you consent to this, contact list of your mobile will be processed by us in order to identify who are users of STREADS App and to allow you to invite others to install the STREADS App.


  • This section of app is the place where real action happens and friends turn competitors There will be various type of Challenges from time to time , they could be referrals based, coins earning based, jackpot and many more…We will try to innovate the challenges as per the feedback received from our users.
  • So what are you waiting for? Walk, earn, redeem and repeat.COLLAPSE

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