Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart

Flipkart is Selling Moto E3 Power Smartphone Next Sale From 26th September 23:59 HRS. This phone is not available on amazon at this time. Moto E3 Power only on available flipkart. moto fans, you know you want this smartphone because i am sharing some tips and trick to buy moto e3 power script smartphone moto e3 power (2GB+16Gb) both feature a massive 3500mAh battery a premium body + powers on an 1-GHz, quad-core processor, 8MP rear camera & 5MP front camera and much more with excellent features. Below we have given a trick and method to buy Moto E3 Power from flipkart successfully in respective flash sale which is being held on 26th September 11:59 PM

Flash Sale on 26th September at 11:59 PM

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How To Buy Moto E3 Power From Flipkart In Flash Sale :-

  1. Visit Moto E3 Power Prime Sale Page    [ 26 September Flash Sale ]
  2. Add To Cart As Sale Goes Live
  3. Login/Register
  4. Select Shipping Details
  5. Make Final Payment With In Minute


Necessary Requirements for Script to work perfectly !!

  1. Use latest Google Chrome browser for best result.
  2. Synchronize your system time with internet.
  3. To do so simply right click on Date and Time present in bottom right corner on Taskbar.
  4. Then click on “Adjust date/time”, a popup box will appear.
  5. Click on “Internet Time” tab and then click on “Change Settings”.
  6. Tick mark on “Synchronize with an Internet Time Server”.
  7. Choose “” from dropdown menu.
  8. Finally click on “Update Now” button and click on Ok.
  9. Make sure to have a good internet speed. Activate any 3G plan for best result.
  10. Close all background updates.
Note: For a safe side, open above link in two tabs, apply script in one tab and click manually in second tab.

How to use Moto E3 Power Script  ?

  1. Click Here to go to Flipkart Moto E3 Power countdown timer page.
  2. Now after completely loading of page, right click anywhere on the page.
  3. Now click on “Inspect Element” shown last in the options. Or else you can also press Ctrl + Shift + I.
  4. A popup window will appear from bottom.
  5. Their you will find a “Console” tab, click on it.
  6. Paste the above given Moto E3 Power script in the box. (Ctrl + V)
  7. Finally hit on Enter button (Keyboard) approx. 5 minutes before sale.
  8. Now wait for the script to do its work of adding Moto E3 Power to your cart.
  9. After successful adding Moto E3 Power to cart, go ahead for payment procedure.


Moto E3 Power Description :-

Whether you’re passionate about gaming, photography or your career, this smartphone will give you the power to make the most of it all with its 3500-mAh battery. It is splash-friendly, so even if some water trickles from a glass and onto its body, it’ll be A-OK. Use its 5-MP front camera to immortalize the precious moments you share with your friends by taking excellent selfies. What’s more is that it supports VoLTE, so whether you’re on a call with a colleague or a loved one, all that you hear and communicate with be crystal-clear.
Loaded With Battery Life
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
An impressive 3500-mAh battery ensures that you have ample time to watch videos, play games and to make calls. Thanks to its 10W rapid-charger, a 15-minute charge is all it takes to use this phone for up to 5 hours. So, if you need to rush to your office for a meeting and your phone’s battery is low, a brief charge will ensure that you can make all the important business-calls necessary.
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
Even if you accidentally sprinkle some water over the screen or get caught up in gentle drizzles, it’s highly unlikely that the Moto E Power will be damaged as it comes with a water-repellent nano-coating.
Dual SIM Cards in One Smartphone
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
Not only does this smartphone have two different SIM slots so you can separate your personal life from your professional life, it also supports 4G connectivity and VoLTE. So, you can seamlessly stream HD videos when you’re on the move and the audio quality of your calls will be crystal-clear.
Two Cameras, Lots to Smile About
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
Use the 5-MP front camera when you’re at the local club with your friends to capture enchanting photos of the memorable time you’re having. This smartphone’s 8-MP rear camera is complemented by the autofocus function, so all the pics you click will be blur-free and clear.
Outperform Your Expectations
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
Now, you can play a wide range of games that have rich graphics without experiencing any glitches as this smartphone is powered by a 1-GHz, quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. Thanks to Android’s Marshmallow OS, you can use your expanded memory as your primary storage space if you want to store more apps. The operating system also makes this smartphone highly energy efficient.
Store More, Enjoy More
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
Thanks to an internal memory of 16 GB, you can store your favourite videos clips, songs, apps and games on this smartphone and enjoy them wherever, whenever. You can always expand the memory by up to 32 GB with a microSD card if you want to store more content.
Experience the Web At its Best
Trick to Buy Moto E3 Power Script Flash Sale Flipkart
You can experience trending YouTube videos in captivating 720p quality on the Moto E Power as it sports a large, 12.7-cm HD screen.

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