Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice Win Upto Rs 50000

Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice Win Upto Rs 50000

Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice: Stand a Chance to Win Up To Rs 50000. Pragati Rice has introduced an exciting offer – ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’, a chance to win up to Rs 50,000 by simply purchasing selected Pragati Rice products and scanning a QR voucher. This unique offer allows lucky winners to bag handsome cash prizes, making your rice purchase not just a necessity, but an opportunity. Here’s all you need to know about how to avail of this cashback offer.Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice Win Upto Rs 50000.

Scan Karo Pragati Karo Pohela Boishakh Dhamaal Win Upto Free Rs 50000. Pragati Rice: Get Cashback worth Up to ₹5000.

How Does ‘Scan Karo Pragati Karo’ Work?

In participating Pragati Rice Bags, you will find a QR voucher. This voucher needs to be scanned using a QR code scanner or the camera on your phone. Once scanned, the lucky winner will see their winnings. To claim these winnings, the winner will have to fill out a form with the necessary data, and the prize money will be transferred to the specified bank account within 7 to 10 business days.

How to Avail the ‘Scan Karo Pragati Karo’ Cashback Offer?

Availing this exciting cashback offer is as simple as a few steps:

  1. Scan the QR code found inside the rice bag using your phone camera or a QR code scanner.
  2. Post scanning, the potential winnings will be displayed.
  3. Fill out the necessary form with accurate details.
  4. Provide accurate bank details, as the cashback will be transferred to this account.
  5. Await the prize money, which will be credited to your bank account within 7 working days of submission.

The participating products in this offer are Pragati “PREMIUM” Miniket, Pragati “SUPER GOLD” Banskati, and Pragati “PLATINUM” Swarna Steam. Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice Win Upto Rs 50000.

What’s the Deadline?

All entries must be received by the organizer on or before 00-month 2023 at 23:59 hr. Post the deadline, the QR codes will be automatically disabled for scanning. Any entries received after the closing date due to any technical error will be disqualified.

Pragati Rice Scan Karo QR Code:

‘Pragati Rice’ brings an exciting ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’ offer, enabling participants to win cash prizes by simply purchasing and scanning QR codes in their selected rice bags. Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice Win Upto Rs 50000.

The entire process is digital and straightforward – buy the product, scan the QR code, fill out the necessary details and wait for the prize money to be transferred to your account. Scan Karo Pragati Karo with Pragati Rice Win Upto Rs 50000.

Selected Products

The ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’ offer is applicable on selected Pragati Rice products:

  1. Pragati “PREMIUM” Miniket
  2. Pragati “SUPER GOLD” Banskati
  3. Pragati “PLATINUM” Swarna Steam

Easy to Participate

Participating in this offer is easy and user-friendly. All you need is a smartphone with a camera or a QR code scanner, and the opportunity to win up to ₹50,000 is right at your fingertips.


The transparency of the process is another impressive aspect. As soon as you scan the QR code and fill out your information, you’ll be able to view your potential winnings. There’s no ambiguity or waiting for the results.

Timely Payment

Winners can expect to receive their prize money directly into their bank accounts within 7 to 10 business days after submission of the required details.

Eligibility Criteria

Please note, participation is typically restricted to legal residents of India. Also, remember that the competition entries must be received by the Organiser on or before the deadline mentioned in the contest terms.

An Excellent Way to Engage Customers

The ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’ offer is not only an excellent way to incentivize purchasing Pragati Rice products, but it also strengthens the brand’s relationship with its customers. It makes the process of buying rice, which is generally seen as a routine task, into an exciting and potentially rewarding activity.

If you haven’t tried Pragati Rice yet, this might be a great time to start! So, why wait? Purchase the participating Pragati Rice products, start scanning, and you could be the lucky one to win up to ₹50,000!

Remember to stay updated with the terms and conditions of the contest and ensure you have provided accurate details to receive the potential prize money. Enjoy your Pragati Rice and good luck!


How to Participate Pragati Rice Scan Karo Pragati Karo Offer?

By purchasing the 26KG Product Bags from our chosen category and scanning the QR Code, participants can enter the ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’ contest.

Can I participate without purchasing a product?

No, participation in the ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’ offer requires the purchase of selected Pragati Rice bags (Pragati “PREMIUM” Miniket, Pragati “SUPER GOLD” Banskati, and Pragati “PLATINUM” Swarna Steam) that contain the QR voucher.


Pragati Rice’s ‘Scan Karo, Pragati Karo’ offer introduces an element of fun and surprise to your everyday grocery shopping. With just a few easy steps, you stand a chance to win up to Rs 50,000. So, why wait? Grab your bag of Pragati Rice today and get scanning! Who knows, fortune might just favour you!







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