How to Reactivate Jio Prime Membership till March 2019

After 31st March 2017 Jio Prime Membership Expired so Activate your Prime Membership Using Follow Steps. Jio Announced Unlimited Maza Continue Hoga Jio Extend Prime Membership for all Old Prime Members.

How to Reactivate Jio Prime Membership March 2019:

  1. Download MyJio App or Update MyJio App
  2. Open MyJio App Login via SIM
  3. After successfully Login, you will see Banner for a year free
  4. Tap on Get Now >> Select Number and Tap on Procced
  5. That’s it You Successfully Reactivate Jio Prime membership

WhatsApp Fake Viral Jio Message:

*Attention JIO Users*. *आपके prime membership की सेवाएं 31st मार्च 2018 को समाप्त हो रही हैं।*
*सेवाओं को जारी रखने के लिए अभी prime membership को renew करें 31st मार्च 2019 तक बिल्कुल मुफ्त में।*
*साथ ही आपको मिलेगा 3 महीने तक फ्री internet के साथ unlimited local और STD calls बिना किसी अतिरिक्त रिचार्ज के।*

Reactivate Jio Prime Membership Video:


After 31st March Expired Jio Prime Membership Reactive till March 2019 Tips and Trick

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