PayTM Freedom Festival Game 2023 Collect 16 Cards ₹1000

PayTM Freedom Festival Game 2023 Collect 16 Cards ₹1000

Win Big with PayTM Freedom Festival Game 2023 – Collect 16 Cards and Get ₹1000 Free PayTM Cashback. PayTM has always been at the forefront of offering exciting cashback and rewards to its users. This year, the payment giant has upped the ante with the PayTM Freedom Festival Game 2023, a unique game where you stand a chance to win ₹1000 Free PayTM Cashback! In this article, we’ll walk you through the game, the steps to join, and how you can win big.

What is PayTM Freedom Festival Game?

The PayTM Freedom Festival Game 2023 is a special offer where you need to collect a total of 16 cards. These cards are divided into four sections, each containing four cards. For every completed section, you receive ₹100 cashback. And that’s not all; if you manage to collect all 16 cards, you get a flat ₹1000 Free PayTM Cashback!

Who Can Participate?

Note: Currently, this game is available in limited PayTM accounts, and you must have a UPI-enabled account to participate.

How to Join PayTM Freedom Festival Game and Win ₹1000?

Step 1: Update or Download the App

Firstly, make sure you have the latest PayTM app. If not, update or download the PayTM App from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Access Cashback & Offers Section

Navigate to the “cashback & offers” section in your PayTM app.

Step 3: Open UPI Offers Section

In the “cashback & offers” section, you will find the “UPI offers” subsection.

Step 4: Locate the Game

Scroll through the list until you spot the PayTM Freedom Festival Game.

Step 5: Start Playing

Activate the game to begin. Your objective is to collect all 16 cards.

Step 6: Complete Levels

You can complete different levels by performing transactions. There are assured prizes at each level, with a total of 4 levels to complete in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many cards do I need to collect?

You need to collect a total of 16 cards to win ₹1000 cashback.

Do I need a UPI-enabled account?

Yes, having a UPI-enabled account is a prerequisite to play the PayTM Freedom Festival Game.

Is the game available to all PayTM users?

Currently, the game is showing in limited accounts. It’s best to check your PayTM app to see if the game is available to you.


The PayTM Freedom Festival Game 2023 is a splendid opportunity to not just make your transactions more rewarding but also to have a fun experience while doing so. With ₹100 cashback for every completed section and a whopping ₹1000 Free PayTM Cashback for collecting all 16 cards, it’s an offer you shouldn’t miss. So, go ahead, update your PayTM app and get playing!






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