Paytm Errors how to fix issues on wallet app

Paytm is india’s fastest growing wallet giving a lot of error like Paytm Authorisation Error, Service Unavailable & Paytm Login Problem while adding money in wallet, bus booking, recharges and third party payment due to this payment is getting failed let’s check whats error is showing and how to fix the issues.

Paytm issue Showing :-

  • Paytm Authorisation Error Failed to validate user details. Please try again ( | HTTP 499)
  • Service Unavailable we are facing some technical issues. we will have it resolved shortly so please try again after some time. if possible, do send a screenshot to [email protected] ( | HTTP 503).
  • Paytm Login Problem Your Current session has expired. Don’t worry, just login again to continue using paytm. ( | HTTp 403)
  • Paytm is down since 6 PM which is definitely peak timing and according to them, they are doing upgrades on peak hours, which is not at all expected or acceptable from one of the leading websites.

We have tried to contact paytm to resolve the such issues they replied it will resolve shortly. Due to massive traffic on paytm transaction they are not able to handle transaction flow
In a tweet on Thursday, the company said they’re currently updating their systems and will be back shortly. Paytm Servers Down on thursday 15 december 2016 with the mobile payments company working to update paytm app systems for higher capacity. paytm working on a fix.

How to fix paytm issue?

  1. Open paytm app or download it from playstore.
  2. check you have latest version paytm app.
  3. Add money in wallet before transact.
  4. Enjoy hassle free recharge, bus booking ,railway booking and much more

My transaction is failed what i do?

  1. If your payment is done from bank and money is no added in wallet
  2. so your money get refund in your bank account in 5-7 days
  3. you can contact paytm customer care at [email protected]

How to resolve Paytm Login Issue?

  1. If you are login your account on app then
  2. firstly open the account on the pc
  3. sign out from there
  4. now try to login from paytm app.

You can call to 1800-180-1234 for transaction from offline.






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