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ORCO (ORganic COndiments) is a brand for women & by women, manufacturing healthy, clean and natural products for the taste palette of health conscious individuals. Beginning its journey with hand ground organic spices. Orco stands by the idea of “Quality, not Quantity” and making a difference by manufacturing cent percent hand cleaned, hand pound, and hand grounded natural spices and condiments. Orco Organic Spice Pack Free Sample Get a Free Sample!

ORCO’s hand ground organic spices are the real deal breaker in quality as compared to any other machine made spices due to the manufacturing process which enables the spices to breathe and retain all the required nutrients, Texture, colour and aroma. These spices are free of pesticides and any other hazardous chemicals as they are very carefully procured from certified farmers growing them organically/naturally using organic manure. Orco Organic Spice Pack Free Sample Get a Free Sample!

ORCO provides you with a range of Indian spices and lends a helping hand to many needy women of the social order. Initially, we started to run the organization with a handful of women and now we are growing with the aim for the future by supporting a much higher number of women. We have been working hard in the direction of manufacturing 100 percent handmade spices. We aim at expanding our organization and becoming a helping hand for more and more women who are deprived of sufficient opportunities and along with it making handmade spice a part of every Indian household.

Licensed and Certified from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), European Union (EU), Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development (APFPED), our products are completely Pure & Hand Made and have passed all the standards. 

We strongly believe that the real taste and spirit of Indian spices lie in the hand made zings that involve manual interference from the raw phase to the end product. We manufacture hand-cleaned and hand-ground natural spices that add an ultimate taste to any recipe you put them in. one just cannot resist the enthralling smell that hand made Indian seasonings add to a cuisine. The sole belief behind the working of the organization is to provide folks authentic Indian spices as well as fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibilities. Our spices come straight from the heart of nature and are good enough to form an integral part of Indian and International dishes, adding tempting taste, colour, and flavour to eatables.

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