How to Buy OnePlus TV Netflix Remote Invitation Code Get Free Remote

OnePlus TV NetFlix Invitation Code Get Free Netflix Remote. OnePlus TV Users Get Free Netflix Remote by entering Invitation Code.

Comes with Netflix Now, you are able to explore Netflix content on OnePlus TV. Just one click on Netflix button and start! Easy to use Quick accessing to top tier video application (Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube). Easier to switch between different input source or Mute your TV.

How to get OnePlus TV Invitation Code Get Netflix Remote Free?

  1. Click Here & Visit OnePlus TV Netflix Free Remote Page
  2. Three steps to get the remote for free: 1.Get device SN. 2.Verify device SN and get Invitation Code. 3. Reedem new remote using Invitation Code To find the OnePlus TV SN Code, follow steps: Enter Settings in Homepage–>Select More Settings–>Select About–>Select Status–>Find Serial Number​
  3. Users who received RC-001A (w/o Netflix button) in the box. If you don’t clear about this, please try to verify your device SN and check the result.
  4. Suggest to copy and save your Invitation Code after successfully verified SN, or Follow steps: Account–>Device–>Invitation Code. To reserve your rights, please do not share the Invitation Code with any others.
  5. The period validity of Invitation Code is 7 days, strongly suggest to Reedem the remote once you get it to avoid invalid.
  6. Generally, the remote will reach you in 5 days, might be delayed due to logistic issue or other force majeure.

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