Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ Get Free ₹500

Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ Get Free ₹500

Earn Big with MobiKwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ: Unlock Free ₹500 and Countless Perks. If you’re looking to make your money work for you, MobiKwik Xtra is the key you’ve been searching for. With an enviable opportunity to earn up to 12% p.a., MobiKwik Xtra is an investment gateway that enables you to lend directly to creditworthy borrowers. This spectacular platform is regulated by the RBI and operates via Lendbox, a remarkable peer-to-peer investing platform. In this article, unravel the secrets of the MobiKwik Xtra Referral Code and how you can earn magnanimously. Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ Get Free ₹500.

Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ Get Free ₹500

I trust my investments with Xtra by MobiKwik which is earning me 12% PA returns. And the cherry on top? I get daily interest & can withdraw anytime. Invest your money now & let the profits roll in:

Get Started with MobiKwik Xtra Referral Code XYZ100

An exciting offer awaits you! With the MobiKwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ, you can get an instant ₹500 for free! This is just the beginning; there is more to this thrilling investment opportunity. As you refer friends and family, your earnings grow exponentially. Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ Get Free ₹500.

How to Get Free Rs 100 Cash Bonus Using Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code?

Grabbing that sweet Rs 100 cash bonus with the MobiKwik Xtra referral code is a breeze. Let’s walk through the steps to get you started.

Step 1: Download the MobiKwik App

First things first, head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone and download the MobiKwik app.

Step 2: Register or Sign In

If you’re new to MobiKwik, create an account by entering your mobile number and email ID. If you already have an account, simply sign in.

Step 3: Navigate to MobiKwik Xtra

Once logged in, look for the MobiKwik Xtra section within the app. This is where the magic happens!

Step 4: Enter Referral Code TZSGPQ

When you find the MobiKwik Xtra section, you will see a place to enter a referral code. Input the code TZSGPQ. This code will unlock your free Rs 100 cash bonus!

Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ

Step 5: Complete Your Profile

To ensure the safety and authenticity of transactions, complete your profile by providing the necessary KYC details.

Step 6: Add Funds

Add funds to your MobiKwik Xtra account. You can do this through various methods like debit card, credit card, or net banking.

Step 7: Start Earning

Now you’re all set! You have the bonus, and you can start lending to creditworthy borrowers to earn up to 12% p.a.

Disclaimer: All investments involve risk. It is important to consider your objectives and risk tolerance before investing.

How MobiKwik Xtra Works

MobiKwik Xtra is a gem for those who want to see their money multiply. By lending directly to individuals who have been thoroughly vetted for creditworthiness, you open doors to staggering returns.

What makes MobiKwik Xtra even more enticing is its partnership with Lendbox. Lendbox is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), ensuring that your investments are secure and transparent.

Why Trust MobiKwik Xtra?

It’s always wise to know where your money is going. I have placed my trust in Xtra by MobiKwik and have been reaping the rewards with 12% PA returns. This has not only strengthened my financial stability but has also made me an advocate for this remarkable investment avenue.

MobiKwik Xtra Refer and Earn Free Cash Bonus:

Your earning potential is limitless with MobiKwik Xtra’s referral program. By using the Referral Code TZSGPQ, not only do you receive ₹500 for free, but you can also refer friends and family to earn additional cash bonuses. This cascading bonus system is perfect for anyone looking to earn extra income effortlessly.

MobiKwik Xtra Refer and Earn Free Cash Bonus

The fun doesn’t end with just one bonus; MobiKwik Xtra’s referral program allows you to earn even more by referring friends and family.

Step 1: Go to MobiKwik Xtra Section

Open the MobiKwik app and navigate to the MobiKwik Xtra section.

Step 2: Locate ‘Refer and Earn’

Once you’re in the MobiKwik Xtra section, look for the ‘Refer and Earn’ option.

Step 3: Share your MobiKwik Xtra Referral Code: TZSGPQ

You will find your unique MobiKwik Xtra referral code: TZSGPQ. Share this code with your friends and family via WhatsApp, Email, SMS, or social media.

Step 4: Monitor Your Earnings

As your referrals use your code and start investing, you’ll begin to see your earnings increase. Monitor this in the ‘Refer and Earn’ section.

Step 5: Redeem Your Earnings

Once you have accrued enough bonuses, you can redeem them. Follow the in-app instructions to do this.

Step 6: Keep Referring

There’s no limit to how much you can earn! Keep sharing your mobikwik xtra referral code TZSGPQ and watch your earnings grow.

In conclusion, the MobiKwik Xtra referral program is an effortless way to boost your earnings. With a simple setup process and endless potential for referral bonuses, your financial prosperity is just a few taps away. Make sure to utilize the Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ to kickstart your journey with a free Rs 100 cash bonus.

Happy earning!

What is MobiKwik XTRA?

MobiKwik has launched this investment product in partnership with Transactree Technologies Pvt Ltd, one of the largest and oldest P2P licensed NBFCs in India.

What is P2P Lending?

Peer to Peer(P2P) Lending is a technology platform which allows participants to lend and borrow money, cutting out the traditional bank in between.

With technology intervention and smart algorithms, P2P lending companies are able to give small ticket loans for shorter tenure to high creditworthiness borrowers. Investment of as small as Rs 1000 can be distributed to more than 100 borrowers with the use of technology hence diversifying risk. The interest income earned from borrowers are distributed back to investors.

What makes it a great investment?

  1. Supervision & RegulationTransactree Technologies Pvt Ltd is governed by RBI and regularly audited. In addition, MobiKwik also supervises these investments.
  2. Proven Track RecordCombined experience of 10+ years in digital lending.
  3. Stable and High returnsDaily interest has been credited to investors and 100% of them have received 12% returns so far.
  4. Fully automated investment experienceZero manual intervention both in investments and while making withdrawals. Free to transact at your convenience.

How to get started?

We can show screens instead. Mobikwik Xtra Referral Code TZSGPQ Get Free ₹500.

STEP 01: Download MobiKwik App

STEP 02: Complete the KYC registration process

STEP 03: Click on Xtra

STEP 04: Start your investment journey and earn daily interest

FAQs Mobikwik Xtra App:

Is MobiKwik Xtra safe?

Absolutely! MobiKwik Xtra operates through Lendbox, which is an RBI-regulated P2P lending platform. This ensures that your investments are both secure and transparent.

How much can I earn?

With MobiKwik Xtra, you can earn up to 12% p.a. by lending directly to creditworthy borrowers. Plus, you get a ₹500 cash bonus with the referral code TZSGPQ and earn additional cash through the referral program.


MobiKwik Xtra is an exemplary investment opportunity that should not be missed. With the Referral Code TZSGPQ, you get an instant ₹500 and unlock the doors to earning up to 12% p.a. This platform operates under the safe watch of RBI through Lendbox, ensuring the security of your investments. MobiKwik Xtra is a golden ticket for both seasoned and budding investors. Hop on this lucrative journey and watch your financial dreams come alive.

Note: Investments are subject to market risks. Please read all the related documents carefully before investing.







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