Meesho Lucky Draw Letter Fake or Real 2022

In recent months, there has been a new scam going around involving a fake letter from a company called Meesho. The letter offers the recipient 12.5 lakh rupees, and asks them to contact the sender for further instructions. However, this is a scam, and if you receive such a letter, you should delete it and not respond.

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This Totally Fake you can checkout meesho officially reply on this latter: Meesho Scam

Meesho Lucky Draw Latter:

Meesho Online Shopping Pvt ltd is pleased to inform you that on the occasion of its birthday celebration the company has selected few of its customers in a random lucky draw contest. We are glad to amaze to inform you that you are one of those lucky customer that the company has selected.

It’s our ultimate pleasure to announce your winning scratch coupon which you will be able to redeem by either calling on our Toll-free prize helpline number 7450056281 08:00AM to 06:00PM or your can also SMS or Whatsapp the coupon code to our Whatsapp no 7450056281 or visit our website

Please note that this is an internal initiative of the company solely meant for promotional purpose only and all the prize related information will only be available on our Toll-free prize helpline number 7450056281 (08:00 AM to 06:00 PM). This gift distribution is covered by our banking partner. The coupon value with this letter is guaranteed by HSBC Bank.

Redemption Rules (Please read term & condition carefully)

  1. The total amount coupon prize value will be credited directly to your bank account.
  2. All government (central and state) taxes + processing fees toward the redemption of the prize money will be paid by the winner.
  3. The charge levied will be collected in advance and will not be adjusted against the prize money under any circumstances.
  4. All payment will be made on term of state and central government rule. 5. Your Bank Ac no must link with Aadhar Card and Pan Card.

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