McMoney Referral Code Get Free $1 + Refer and Earn

McMoney Referral Code Get Free $1 + Refer and Earn

McMoney Referral Code MVFN6Z7L Get Free $1 + Refer and Earn. Earn Cash. Just install the app. We’ll send you random test SMS messages once in a while. You’ll earn money for each received text message from us.

McMoney – Earn Money for Receiving Text Messages Get paid real money for helping us improve worldwide communication. English – Español – Français

Hey, use my McMoney referral code during registration and get an extra bonus! My code is: MVFN6Z7L

Download the app here:

McMoney Referral Code:

McMoney Referral CodeMVFN6Z7L
Using Referral Code GetFree $1
Earn per Referral$1
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
McMoney Redeem CashGift Vouchers

What is McMoney?

By letting us send text messages to your phone, you allow us to test and improve mobile operations. Simply put, you help us help mobile operators to work together. And not unimportant, each message you receive, adds more money to your McMoney bank. Real money.

How to Get Free $1 Cash Bonus Using McMoney Referral Code?

  1. Download McMoney App and Sign Up: Users start by downloading the McMoney app and signing up with their mobile number.
  2. Receive Test SMS: Once registered, the app sends test SMS messages to the user’s phone. These messages are not promotional or spam but are meant to help companies assess the delivery quality of their SMS services.
  3. Earn Money: Each SMS received translates into a small amount of money credited to the user’s account.

Earning and Redeeming Money

The process of earning and redeeming money through McMoney is straightforward:

  1. Earn per SMS: Users earn a small amount for each test SMS they receive.
  2. Referral Bonus: By using the McMoney referral code MVFN6Z7L during signup, new users can earn an instant bonus of $0.05.
  3. Refer and Earn More: Users can increase their earnings by referring friends and family to the app.
  4. Redeem via PayPal: Once the earnings reach $1, users can redeem their money through PayPal.

Why Choose McMoney?

  • Ease of Use: McMoney is incredibly user-friendly, requiring minimal effort from the users.
  • Non-Intrusive: The test SMS messages are non-intrusive and do not contain any promotional content.
  • Extra Income: It offers a simple way to earn a bit of extra money without any active effort.
  • Contributes to Quality Control: Users indirectly contribute to improving SMS service quality.


The McMoney app provides a unique opportunity for individuals to earn money through a simple and non-intrusive process. By allowing test SMS messages to be sent to their devices, users can make a small income in their spare time. While it may not replace a full-time income, McMoney is an innovative way to utilize your smartphone for some extra cash.


Is McMoney safe to use?

Yes, McMoney is safe as it only sends test SMS messages for quality control purposes and does not involve any promotional content.

How much can I earn with McMoney?

Earnings depend on the number of SMS messages you receive, but it’s a good way to earn some extra pocket money.

How do I redeem my earnings?

Earnings can be redeemed through PayPal once they reach the minimum threshold of $1.






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