Link Your Aadhaar Card Number with Mobile Number OTP Method

OTP Link Aadhaar Card Number with Sim Card Online & Offline Processors in Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Bsnl, Aircel, Jio, Docomo, Reliance After Linking Aadhaar Card You will Get continue Sim Services for Lifetime. Link Your Aadhaar Card No need to give finger prints to local SIM card retailer for your mobile phone verification from 1st December 2017, You can do it from your home through OTP received on mobile Number registered with Aadhaar. Government of India Take This Action Because Due to Fake Sim Cards. Aadhaar Card Link Online or Offline other wise Your Sim Card is Blocked.

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Aadhaar Card Link with Sim Card Sending SMS through OTP

  • No Need to Give Finger Prints to local SIM Card retailer for you mobile phone
  • verification from 1st December 2017 you can do it from comfort of your home through OTP received on mobile number registered with aadhaar

Link Aadhaar Card Number with Sim Card:

  • Sim Card Continue Your Services for Lifetime
  • Last Date 6th February 2018
  • You Not Linked Your Service Will be Discontinued.
  • Offline Method:
    Carry Aadhaar Card Photocopy
    Insert Sim Card in Mobile Phone to Receive SMS
    You have to Complete Bio-Metric verification by Putting your Finger on Scanner.s
  • Online OTP Method:
    You Need Aadhaar Card Number
    Send SMS Aadhaar Number
    This Service Start on 1st Dec 2017
  • Online Service Step Added Soon

How To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number Via SMS OTP Online Method:

Yes, You can Link Your Aadhaar Card Number by Sending SMS. You Can Easily Link Your Aadhaar Card Number with SIM Card from Your Home Sending Simple SMS Verifying why OTP No Need any Laptops & Desktop, This is Offline Method You dont need internet connection Free of Cost No Need Money.

  1. Send SMS 12 Digit Aadhaar Card Number Send to …
  2. UID Code is Upcoming on 1st December 2017
  3. Network Operators will be Provide UID
  4. You will Received OTP Send this OTP
  5. That’s it You will Successfully Linked
  6. This Step is Expected 1st December 2017 Added New Steps

How to Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number Sim Card via Offline 

  1. Visit your Nearest Operator Store or Care , Find Using Locator
  2. Carry Your Aadhaar Card Number & Insert Sim Card Phone
  3. Complete bio-metric verification by Putting your Finger on Scanner.
  4. You will Recived OTP & Verify This Number
  5. That’s it Done ! Your Sim Card Successfully Linked to your Aadhar Card Number.

How To Check Status Your Mobile Number Is Linked Or Not ?

  1. Call Customer Care on 198 Number
  2. Then ask them your Aadhaar Card is Linked or Not via your mobile Number
  3. That’s it They Tell them

Vodafone Link Aadhaar to your ​Mobile Number


Link Mobile number to Aadhaar
Here’s how you can seamlessly link your two most important numbers, Aadhaar and mobile.

Vodafone Link Aadhaar Card via OTP SMS:

  1. 1st December 2017 you can do it from comfort of your home through OTP received on mobile number registered with aadhaar
  2. Visit your nearest authorized Vodafone retailer With your active SIM and Aadhar number
  3. Get a code You will receive a verification code on your mobile. Share this code with your retailer
  4. Fingerprint scanning Complete biometric validation on our e-KYC device by scanning your fingerprint
  5. Aadhaar linking Your verification will be completed within 24 hours. You will receive an SMS for confirmation. Reply “NO” If you don’t want to verify your number

Idea Link Aadhaar to your ​Mobile Number via OTP:


For your ready reference simple four steps shall ensure E-KYC compliance.

  1. Visit to our nearest Idea center and provide your mobile number and Aadhaar number.
  2. Idea store executive will provide a four digit verification code on your mobile number from re-verification application.
  3. Subscriber to provide the verification code to Idea store executive & provide his/her biometric.
  4. After 24hrs you will received a confirmation SMS, reply Y to complete the EKYC process.
  5. Please note that this entire exercise is free of cost and for your convenience, hence we solicit your co-operation.

Tata Docomo Link Aadhaar Card to your Mobile Number OTP SMS:

As per the Government’s Notification, it is mandatory for you to verify your Tata Docomo connection/s and link them to Aadhaar by 6th Feb 2018.
  1. Visit our Store with your registered mobile number and Aadhaar
  2. Provide the RVC (Re-verification Code) sent to your number
  3. Authenticate yourself with a fingerprint
It’s simple and easy! To avoid last minute rush, please complete your re-verification as soon as possible and continue to enjoy uninterrupted service.

Telenor Link Aadhaar Card to your Mobile Number OTP SMS:

As per the government directive, linking Aadhaar to your mobile number is mandatory for all existing customers.

To complete biometric verification, visit your nearest Telenor Store

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