Junio Referral Code HUSA1901 Upto Rs 1000 Cash Rewards

Download Junio Referral Code HUSA1901 Get Upto Rs.1000 on Sign Up. Junio Refer and Earn Unlimited Cash Rewards. Junio is your child’s own smart card for all their online and offline expenses. With the Junio card, your child can learn how to earn, spend and save, while you keep a loving eye over their spending. It is very easy to order, no full KYC to order for the physical card. You can instantly top up the Junio card, and it is ready for use by your little one. Junio Referral Code HUSA1901

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I gave my child a Junio Smart Card. It’s a MasterCard with child’s name printed on it. Instead of giving cash, I give pocket money in this card now. Get yours using Junio Referral Code: HUSA1901 https://appurl.io/tvkD46_JTE

Junio Referral Code 2021:

Join Junio App and earn free upto Rs 1000 Cash Rewards with my Junio Referral Code HUSA1901. This Money you can Transfer into Bank Account also. You can Earn Free Money by Referring Friends.

Junio Referral Code HUSA1901
Using Referral Code GetUpto Rs 1000
Earn per ReferralUpto Rs 1000
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
Junio Redeem MoneyBank Account

How to Get Free Cash Rewards Using Junio Referral Code:

Junio Refer and Earn:

  • Open Junio App
  • Login into the App
  • Go to Menu >> Tap on Refer and Earn
  • Share your Junio Referral Code HUSA1901
  • That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offer

The Junio Referral Program is an exciting opportunity for you to earn cashback by referring Junio to your friends. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your efforts in bringing more users to Junio!

So when anyone orders a Junio Card using your Referral code, we will give you and your friend a scratch card. You both can get up to Rs 1000 each through that scratch card.

Features of Junio App:

Junio card is the best gift for the juniors you love! Junio is your child’s own smart card for all their online and offline expenses.

  • Tasks for children: Children can earn pocket money when they complete tasks that you set. Incentivise desired behaviour with bonus additions
  • Offers & Cashback​: Get Flat 5% cashback on any transactions. Be it online or offline, Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato, Paytm or any shop near you.
  • Refer & Earn​: You can earn up to Rs.1000 in referral rewards when someone orders a Junio Card by using your referral code.

Junio card is the best gift for the juniors you love!


  1. Order Junio card, and transfer money instantly
  2. Automate credits into the card at fixed intervals
  3. Set tasks for children
  4. Receive alerts for child’s spends
  5. Activate/deactivate Junio card from the app
  6. Put spend limits
  7. Top up/ pay interest on child’s savings
  8. Set limits for cash withdrawals from ATMs


  1. Get their allowances from parents and relatives
  2. Earn additional money by performing chores
  3. Save up from their pocket money for the things they want most
  4. Collect money into Junio card from friends on birthdays etc
  5. Show off with their own cool card!


Your child doesn’t need to borrow your card ever again or ask you for the OTP.

Junio ensures that your kid is never out of money in an emergency, when you may be somewhere else. It is a prepaid card, so children can only spend what you load up on the card.

Junio promotes interactivity, desirable behavior, and financial understanding in the children. Tasks such as making the bed, cleaning the car, etc can be set for your child, on completion of which the child earns more pocket money. Children also learn how to save up for the big-ticket item they so badly want, and earn “interest” from you on the amount they save,

Junio card is the best gift for the juniors you love!

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