Jio Cheer Cricket Cheer For India Jio For India 4th June

Proud to be an India supporter? Join the loudest cheer for the Men in Blue with #JioForIndia on 4th June. Click here to show your support:
Are you cheering India for the big match on June 4th?
Copy this message & set this photo as your cover picture to cheer for India. #JioForIndia.

Jio Cheer Louder, Stand Prouder!

Victory always comes to those that put in passion over all else. It’s the season for world-class cricket, and now is the time to show your team your support when it’s needed the most.
The biggest match is around the corner, will your cheer be the loudest?
Don’t let the fever stop. Gather all friends & invite them to join the #JioForIndia cheer!

Jio Cheer Cricket Cheer For India


Blue is the colour. The colour of our pride.
Show your support. Cheer for our side.
Bring victory home.
Cheer for India. #JioForIndia.

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