Jio Chat KBC Play Along Questions and Answers Today

Download Jio Chat App and Play Jio KBC Play Along Contest and Win Exclusive Prizes. Jio KBC. Every seat is Hotseat with Jio #KBCPlayAlong. Don’t just sit and watch, play it LIVE on your phone and win exciting prizes. Download JioChat to play Mon-Fri, 9pm

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How to Download Jio Chat Play Jio KBC Along:

  1. Click Here & Download Jio Chat App
  2. Then Registration with New Account you have already account then login it
  3. After Successfully Register & Login Successfully
  4. Tap on Kaun Banega Crorepati icon on show time 9 PM
  5. You will see Play Now Button Tap on
  6. Play This Contest in Win Prizes
  7. Enjoy

How to Play Jio KBC Play Along Contest:

  1. JioKBC PlayAlong is optimised to be in sync with Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television (SD and HD), Mon – Fri @ 9 PM. We urge you to be on the best 4G network to have the best experience of playing along.
  2. As a player you will see the question on the application as soon as it is shown on the Sony TV.
  3. As a player you will see answer options (which may be abridged due to space constraints on the application) as shown on Sony TV, and you will have to answer questions within the stipulated time.
  4. As a player you will get the following times to answer the questions
QuestionTimer for an answer in KBCTimer for an answer in Jio KBC PlayAlong
1-530 secondsMinimum of 15 seconds or lesser of time taken by contestant to answer or 30 seconds
5-1060 secondsMinimum of 30 seconds or lesser of time taken by contestant to answer or 60 seconds
10-15Not TimedMinimum of 30 seconds or lesser of time taken by contestant to answer or 60 seconds

5. As a player you will have to lock the answer using the ‘Lock it Down’ button to ensure that your answer is submitted.
6. If you give a wrong answer, you will have to wait till the next question is asked on the Play Along game.
7. You may have some questions for us,

#What happens ifAnswers
1I am right but contestant is wrongYou get the points for that question as well and resume the game with the new contestant.
2I get a phone call during the episodeIf the call stopped you from giving the answer in the stipulated time, you can resume the game provided you are in time for the next question.
3My screen freezes during the episode after i gave the right answerYour points will be credited. We have tried our best to ensure that this does not happen, however, please try to restart the app if you encounter this situation.

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