Intermiles WazirX Offer Get 2 WRX Tokens Free

Intermiles WazirX Offer Get 2 WRX Tokens Free in your Wazirx App. Get 2 WRX Tokens Worth ₹220 Free Using Intermiles WazirX Offer. We’re building an exchange that will bring anyone who believes in crypto to join the digital cryptocurrency revolution. The world is moving on to this revolution at an unprecedented pace.Now is your time. With WazirX you can buy, sell & trade digital currencies with amazing ease, confidence and trust. Whether you’re a first time investor or a professional trader – WazirX has got you both covered!

How to Get Free WRX Token Using Intermiles WazirX Offer:

  1. Click Here & Visit InterMiles WazirX Offer
  2. If you are a New User On InterMiles then Complete Different Tasks and Earn Free Intermiles Coins
  3. After InterMiles Coin Earn Click on Above Link to Redeem WazirX Coupon Code
  4. You will Get Free WazirX Coupon Code You Need 250 Intermiles Coins
  5. This Coupon Code Redeem WazirX, If you are WazirX New User Use my WazirX Referral Code pu26t
  6. That’s it Enjoy This Offer

Get 2 WRX Tokens Worth ₹250 Free Using Intermiles WazirX Offer :

Intermiles Wazirx Offer Free WRX Token Offer :

500 InterMiles5 WRX Token Free
200 InterMiles2 WRX Token Free
150 InterMiles1 WRX Token Free

User will receive 1 WRX

  • The user will receive 1 WRX.
  • Coupons shall be valid on the app and website of WazirX, only after the completion of the signup process.
  • Coupons shall be valid upon registration from 22-02-2022. Validity of coupons shall be for a limited period of time from 22-02-2022 to 31-05-2022.
  • WazirX reserves the right to modify or cancel the coupons at any point in time.
  • WazirX has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the distribution or use of any coupon.  
  • WazirX has the right to reverse the funds in case of any suspicious activity is detected/suspected without any prior notice.
  • Coupons are void if restricted or prohibited by law.
  • The coupons are limited to one per user i.e. can be redeemed only once and not multiple times.  
  • This coupon cannot be applied or clubbed along with any other offer/coupon.

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