How to Stop Spam Call Toothsi Aligners

How to Stop Spam Call Toothsi Aligners

How to Stop Spam Call Toothsi Aligners. If you’ve recently inquired about Toothsi aligners, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced a deluge of phone calls. While some of these calls can be helpful and informative, too many can border on harassment. This article is here to provide some solutions on how to manage and stop these unsolicited calls. Also Checkout Toothsi Referral Code Get Free ₹2000 OFF Book a Scan Tootshi & MakeO Referral Code to Get Free Rs 2000 OFF Instantly.

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6 Different Ways you can Block Stop Spam Call Toothsi Aligners:

1. Understand Your Rights

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that customers have rights. You should never feel pressured or harassed into making a purchase or booking a service. If you’re receiving too many calls from a company after showing initial interest, it might be a red flag regarding their business practices.

2. Direct Communication

One of the first steps to take is direct communication. Speak to an executive and express your concerns about the number of calls you’re receiving. It’s essential to make it clear that you no longer wish to be contacted. If they suggest booking a slot for a free scan as the only way to stop the calls, know that this isn’t a standard or acceptable practice.

3. Block the Numbers

While it may seem like a short-term solution, blocking the phone numbers that frequently call you can give you immediate relief. However, note that the company might have multiple numbers, so stay vigilant.

4. Official Complaint

If you’re still receiving calls after expressing your wish to stop, consider filing an official complaint. This can be done with your local regulatory authority. An official complaint can put pressure on the company to amend its communication practices.

5. Leave a Review

One way to draw attention to the company’s aggressive marketing practices is by leaving an online review on platforms like Google, Yelp, or any popular local review site in your country. Many companies pay attention to their online reputation and might take action if they see negative feedback.

6. Check with Your Network Provider

Some network providers offer services that help reduce or filter out spam calls. It’s worth checking in with them to see if there’s a service or feature that could help in your situation.


In the digital age, while it’s beneficial for businesses to reach out to potential clients, it’s equally crucial for them to respect boundaries. If a company, such as Toothsi in this instance, inundates you with calls, remember you have the right to voice your concerns and seek a solution. Consumers should always be treated with respect and not feel harassed or pressured. By following the steps above, you can regain control and stop the unsolicited calls.






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