How to increase the Speed of internet on JioFi Device

Trick to Increase JioFi Device :- If you are experiencing slow internet speed on your JioFi device, you can run the following basic checks to improve your data speed. Reliance Jio 4G available Devices like the JioFi, JioFi2 it is available on online e-commerce website & offline Reliance Digital Store. Many People Getting Low speed on JioFi Devices Than i am sharing some tips & tricks to increase JioFi Speed to get more benefit using this device.

How to increase JioFi Device Speed :-

  1. JioFi should be placed in an open area without any obstruction (walls, microwave, electromagnetic devices etc.) coming between the JioFi and connected device.
  2. Keep your JioFi within 10 meter radius of your connected device.
  3. JioFi should be connected with maximum of 10 devices at a time.

How to Increase JioFi Device Speed Trick & Tips to Increase Speeds :

Here are a few additional tips that could be useful to you in case you are experiencing lower speeds on your hotspot.

  1. Set a Wireless Encryption Password to ensure only you and your known contacts can access this connection. If it’s kept to open its obviously going to be abused.
  2. Ensure that you have changed the DNS to Open DNS i.e. and or else opt for Google DNS, the IP address for which is and
  3. Keep the device very close to the windows or any open area instead of keeping it very close inside your room. This ensures that it can easily connect to the network.

How to Change jio local html

How to Access JioFi Router Settings Page:

  1. Once you have connected to the JioFi hotspot
  2. This can be accessed by visiting the local IP, i.e., or else http://jiofi.local.html/index.html
  3. Visit the Local IP and easily access to JioFi Router Setting
  4. Enjoy

How to Change jiofi settings

How to Increase Reliance JioFi 4G Internet Speed

You know that all the Welcome offer users has been converted to Jio Happy New Year offer by Jio. And we found that Jio speed has decreased after this Happy New Year offer. And in Happy New Year offer there is limit of 1GB per day. So in the first method we will try to convert back to welcome offer from Happy New Year offer. This will remove your Jio 1GB limit and also increase Jio downloading speed.

How to Setup JioFi Device :-

  1. Make Sure SIM card is activated
  2. Remove the back cover of JioFi Router
  3. Insert Jio SIM in the Sim Tray
  4. Note down the SSID and password (PWD)
  5. Press the Button for Few Seconds
  6. When the Light turns green, you can access internet

How to Insert SIM in JioFi Device :-

  1. Get JioFi Device in your Hand
  2. Than Remove the back cover & Battery.
  3. Insert Jio SIM in the Sim Tray
  4. Insert the battery and close the back cover

How to insert Jio Sim in JioFi Device

How to Increase speed on your Mobile Connected JioFi

  1. Check the status of network indicator
  2. Check if you have exceeded the daily data usage limit
  3. Check if the issue is with specific site / app






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