Google Pay i-Care Offer Gift the Heart Box & Earn Free ₹35 to ₹360 Cashback

Google Pay i-care Offer Share Heartbox with Friends & Earn Free Assured ₹35 to ₹360 Cashback In Bank. You got a heart box in I-Care. GIft the heart box to friends and help donate up to 1 crore meals. Gift care hearts to friends and together we’ll donate up to 1 crore meals. Here’s your 1st heart box – gift to friends in a group on Google Pay Every Heart box counts towards donating a meal!

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Gift heart boxes on Google Pay – the more you gift, the more meals you donate.

How Google Pay I-Care Offer Work Gift Heart Box Earn Free Cashback:

  1. Click Here & Visit Google Pay I-Care Offer Page
  2. Earn a Heart Box: Donate, pay bills or recharge mobile for a guaranteed way to earn more heart boxes.
  3. Gift heart box in a group: Every heart box comes with 4 surprises – claim all 4 with friends to donate meals
  4. Donate 1 crore meals together: Keep gifting heart boxes to reach our daily goal of 4 lakh meals. Together, we’ll donate up to 1 crore meals!

Participate in the I-Care campaign on Google Pay:

Navigating through these uncertain times in India has been tough for most of us but what’s been heartening to see each one of us stepping up to support others during these trying times, in whatever way we could. We are proud to bring to you our I-Care campaign and celebrate this everlasting spirit of care. We want you to continue showing your care towards your loved ones, friends and fellow Indians and in the process help us in driving a common goal of donating 1 crore meals to families impacted by Covid-19.

Earn heart boxes and gift them to friends within Groups on Google Pay. Every gifted heart box counts towards the donation of 1 crore meals to the impacted families. Along the way, you and your friends will get rewards from Google Pay, as a token of appreciation for your efforts.

How do I earn heart boxes?

There are lots of ways to earn a heart box! You can make any of the following qualifying transactions to earn one. 

Guaranteed transactions to earn a heart box

  1. Make donations to any NGOs and organisations on the Google Pay app using the Covid Aid Spot of at least ₹300. 
  2. Recharge for yourself or others with the Google Pay app of at least ₹35. 
  3. Pay bills like DTH, electricity, LPG and others with the Google Pay app of at least ₹100. Insurance payments using Google Pay are not applicable.
  4. Purchase Google Play Store recharge codes with the Google Pay app of at least ₹35. 

These other transactions will give you a chance of earning a heart box too! 

  1. Send money to family and friends on the Google Pay app or via UPI ID of at least ₹100. 
  2. Scan any merchant UPI QR code to support local businesses using Google Pay QR scanner of at least ₹35. 
  3. Pay online merchants using your Google Pay UPI ID of at least ₹100. The following payments are not applicable for this campaign: 
    1. Payment to YouTube using Google Pay. 
    2. Google Play UPI transaction. 
    3. Insurance payments using Google Pay. 
    4. Transactions made to bank accounts using Google Pay. 
    5. Train booking and payment using Google Pay.
    6.  Payments made to Spots on Google Pay

There is no limit on the number of heart boxes you can earn per day. You can earn a maximum of 500 heart boxes during the entire campaign period. This includes fully claimed heart boxes and expired ones.

How do I gift heart boxes?

Gift heart boxes with a group of friends in the game on the Google Pay app: 

Find out more information on how you can create and manage a group on Google Pay.

  1. Enter the I-Care campaign page and start gifting your heart boxes! 
    1. You will see the available heart box that can be gifted, tap on Gift now.  
  2. Select an existing Google Pay group in your contact list and the heart box will be added into the group chat.  
  3. If you do not have any existing Google Pay groups or would like to create a new one:
    1. Select the contacts you want to add to create a group. You need to create a group of minimum 4 friends on Google Pay 
    2. Name your group and you are all set to go. 
    3. You will see the gifted heart box in the group chat. 

A heart box can only be shared to one group only. You can gift multiple heart boxes to the same group through the campaign period. 

GooglePay i-Care Offer Free Reards?

Earn heart boxes and gift them to friends to donate meals and earn rewards with a value up to ₹360 cashback, as a special token of appreciation from us. You’ll also earn other exciting rewards along the way!

Upon hitting the following personal milestones, you will earn a scratch card:

  • Donate 10 meals and earn a scratch card worth ₹3 to ₹30 cashback
  • Donate 20 meals and earn a scratch card worth ₹3 to ₹30 cashback
  • Donate 30 meals and earn a scratch card worth ₹30 to ₹300 cashback

You can earn a maximum of 3 scratch cards during the campaign period. 

There are 4 surprises to claim in each heart box. You can claim a gift from heart boxes you share too!

  1. Each heart box may contain a combination of locked scratch cards worth ₹5-100, vouchers, Goldback reward or a bonus meal. 
    1. A bonus meal is a bonus reward that adds extra meals to your meal counter. You can earn 1 additional meal with this reward. 
  2. Each user can claim a maximum of 1 reward per heart box.
  3. Vouchers are subject to availability. If stocks are exhausted, you will receive a gold coin of ₹2.
  4. The vouchers you earn will reward you with
    1. At least 50% discount on third party goods and services OR
    2. At least ₹50 off on third party goods and services

Your earned rewards will be added in your rewards channel. 

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