How to Earn Google Pay Free Kilometer Using Trick Go India Game 2020

Here you will get simple and use full trick to earn free Google Pay Kilomete in your app. Follow the below step and Earn Free Kilometer for Google Pay App. Earn KM Kilometer in Go India and collect KM and Earn Free Rewards. Earn KM Kilometer in Go India and collect KM and Earn Free Rewards.

Experience India virtually with Google Pay. Visit all cities on the Go India game and earn assured rewards up to ₹501!

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Google Pay Ready to play go India Game?

  • Pay securely with Google Pay
  • Collect both tickets and kilometer (KM) to visit cities
  • Visit all cities in the game
  • Earn Rs 101 – Rs 501 once you complete!

How To Earn Free KM Kilometer In Go India Google Pay Games:

Collect KM to visit your desired city. There are lots of ways to collect them, each action giving up to a maximum of 1000 KM every day! Some of the actions resulting in collecting KM can be done just once on a daily basis.

  • Open Daily Google Pay App and Get Daily Bonus 1000 KM daily upon opening the game.
  • Pay Money to Google Pay Users and collet KM for every unique Google Pay Transaction per day. You can pay Rs 1 or more to collect this Free KM.
  • Transfer Money in Bank Account and collect KM by doing this transaction. Enter Bank Number, Name & IFSC code and Transfer to per unique recipient per day. Minimum Transaction Rs 1 or More
  • Send Money Through UPI ID and Earn Free KM by doing payment using UPI ID to per unique UPI Recipient per day.
  • You can Gift City Tickets to Receive & Earn Extra KM gifting city tickets to your friends. You can send multiple friends once per day.
  • Share city photos to receive KM sharing city photos to friends. you can share multiple times but only once per day.
  • Earn for Friends collect free KM on behalf of your friends. both can you collect free KM. Collect Free KM by visiting their city. Go to Game Scree and choose friends and visit the city to earn the Free KM bubble on their game screen.
  • Collect KM before expiry if you need to claim on the KM bubble on your game screen. Collet Free KM will expire and disappear within 48 hours from the time the KM was given if they are not claimed.

How to collect a city ticket?

There are lots of ways to collect them! You can make any of the following qualifying transactions to get a city ticket. You can get a ticket to the city for which you already have a ticket. This can be shared with friends to get KM in return.

How do I visit cities? 

  1. You will start your journey from any of the two starting cities: Amritsar or Bengaluru. Once you launch the game for the very first time, after city selection, you will get a welcoming one-time gift which may be a combination of a city ticket and KM. 
  2. To visit any city within the game, you would need to collect both city ticket and kilometres (KM)
  3. You will receive a city photo upon reaching every city. 
  4. You will not be able to travel back to the same city unless there is a virtual event during the game. The total number of cities you can visit per day is limited but will not be less than 3 cities – you will see an in-game notification once you reach the current applicable limit.

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