Google Pay Food Market Unlock 9x Come Visit my Vibrant

Google Pay Food Market Unlock 9x Come Visit my Vibrant. Come Visit my vibrant food market! Google Pay Build the tallest food market by Dec 5! Get more floors and earn up to Rs 350. Help me get more floors and you could unlock a 9x floor booster. Follow the Below steps to claim 9x booster in google pay food market offer. You can Build your floor and unlock a 9x foor booster. Click the below link to unlock this 9x booster floor in your google pay. Google Pay Food Market Offer – Collect Floors & Earn Free ₹350. Google Pay’s Indi-Home offer Diwali Mela 4th & last round known as ‘Food Market‘ is now live from 25th November 2022.

Help me get more floors and you could unlock a 9x floor booster

Join my team in Indi-Home Help me be among the top 7 lakh teams and get assured team rewards of up to Rs 300.

How to Avail Google Pay Food Market Earn Upto ₹50 Daily:

Now, Google Pay has released another earning opportunity in the fourth round of the Food Market. All you have to is collect the 40 visits on your building and you can win in the range of 50 cashback daily from Google Pay. Earlier, the consolation prize was 25 for 20 friends who come in; currently, Google Pay has enabled 2X Surpassing in both methods.

  1. Click Here & Update your Google Pay app
  2. Register or Login into the App
  3. Go to Indi-Home Button & Collect Floors
  4. You will Get 40 Clicks & Earn Upto Rs 50 Offer
  5. Share your Link with Friends Earn More Floors
  6. That’s it Enjoy this Loot Offer

Google Pay Get More Floors:

Google Pay Get More Floors Daily Bonus Task. Pay 2 different friends (min Rs 10)

Other Ways to Earn More Floors:

  • Food AR Scan: Get 1 to 20 Floors when you scan a food iteam
  • Share and get friends to visit you daily: For 1, 3, 10, 20 unique visits daily get 5, 10, 25, 40 floors. for 40 unique visits every day, get a bumper reward of 75 floors

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