Google Pay Cinema Hall Offer 2022 Get Free Rs 350

Google Pay Cinema hall Offer 2022 Earn Free upto Rs.350 Reward By Making a Team. Google Pay Build Tallest Cinema Hall. GPay Build the tallest Cinema Hall by Nov 22nd, 2022! top 8 lakh terms and get up to Rs.350 instant and earn vouchers. following below simple steps and get earn floors and use the Tallest Cinema Hall. quick step via complete earn to the floors.

Help both of us get floors and cashbacks daily

How to Avail Google Pay Cinema Hall Offer Free Scratch Card:

  1. Click Here & Open Google Pay App is here
  2. Enter the game Gpay Cinema Hall
  3. Now, Tap on Claim Reward
  4. Cinema Hall Reward for Being among the top 8 lakh teams
  5. You Will, Receive Scratch Card to Win Upto Rs.350 As Per Users.
  6. Earn Cashback to Direct Credited By Banked Account Linked.
  7. Round 3 is Completed!
  8. Last Date: 22nd Nov 22, Complete GPay Round 3 Cinema Hall
  9. for get ready to from your team and earn more team rewards.
  10. You can Join again in the next round 4 is coming soon for more rewards.

Team rewards will be evenly distributed among each member. Round 3 rewards

  • Rank 1 – 10,000, 350 / team
  • Rank 10,000 – 1 lakh, 90 / team
  • Rank 1 lakh – 8 lakh, 30 / team

Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Pay app to see all campaign features.
Campaign subject to these rules and the Terms & Conditions.

Valid till 22 nov

How do I get more floors?

When you complete a qualifying action, you’ll get more floors that are pending until they’re built. The “Build [X] floors” button on the team page becomes clickable.

There are a few ways to get floors every day. Different qualifying actions give you a different number of floors:

  1. Get floors when you make any of the following eligible transactions for a minimum of ₹30 INR on Google Pay:
    • Get 2 floors when you pay someone, do a bank transfer, or pay online. Valid for the first 4 qualifying transactions in a day per team member.
    • Get 4 floors when you pay a merchant UPI QR. Valid for the first 5 qualifying transactions in a day per team member.
    • Get 35 floors when you pay a bill, DTH, or recharge mobile. Valid for the first 3 qualifying transactions in a day per team member.
    • Get 2 floors when you split an expense with your friends with a minimum of ₹30 INR. It’s fully settled with at least one friend paid with Google Pay. Valid once per day per team member.
  2. Get floors when you complete the Daily Bonus task. Tasks change everyday at 00:00 AM IST and must be completed within 24 hours. The following Daily Bonus tasks are only valid once per day per team member:
    • Get 10 floors when you pay 2 different friends who are on Google Pay. Eligible transactions of at least ₹10 INR on Google Pay.
    • Get 10 floors when you add extra UPI IDs for smoother payments. SMSes will be sent to banks.
  3. Get floors when you share and get friends outside of your team to visit your team page. When your team reaches the following milestones, every member of the team gets additional floors. Valid once per user per day.
    • Earn 5 floors for 1 unique visit.
    • Earn 10 floors for 3 unique visits.
    • Earn 25 floors for 10 unique visits.
    • Earn up to ₹25 INR cashback for 20 unique visits.
  4. Special 2x Booster:
    • Build at least one floor for 3 days in a row.
    • When you complete the streak of 3 days, every eligible action gives you 2x floors until the end of the current round.
  5. Get 1–20 floors when you scan your face with the required expression through Google Pay scanner. Valid for 2 times per day per user.
  6. Get floors when you visit a friend’s team page.
    • Earn up to 2 floors per visit. Valid for 3 visits per day per user.

All the eligible actions that successfully get you floors are mentioned in the history page, which you can access from the quota board. For all other transactions, you can refer to your transaction history on Google Pay

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