Gaana Free Subscription Chupa Chups Contest Play and Win Free

Gaana Free Subscription Chupa Chups Contest Play and Win Free for 6 Months. Fun Fana Fun Fun Now Enjoy 6 Month Gaana Plus Subscription with Chupa Chups. Cupa Chups Promo Code for Gaana Subscription Getting a 6 Month Gaana Plus subscription has never been more fun!

How to Get Free Gaana Subscription Using Chupa Chups Contest:

  1. Visit Nearest Store and Purchase Chupa Chups Pack Which Mentioned About Gaana Offer
  2. Buy any promotional pack with a 4-digit alphanumeric code on it and send it to 7026655555
  3. You will get a code from AD–BIGCTY Get your assured 6-month Gaana Plus subscription
  4. Enjoy limitless and ad-free access to India’s largest collection on Gaana Music app
  5. Use the code as received to redeem your free subscription on Gaana Music app

Chupa Chups Promotional Packs:

  • Bites Multi-coloured chewies of sweet and sour fun, these flavours will explode in your mouth.
  • Tubes An explosion of flavours with a fun surprise in the middle, a yummy center filling.
  • Belts These strips are available in a variety of yummy flavours. Strawberry for your sweet tooth, Raw Mango for that zing and good old Cola.

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