Freecharge BuzzKill App Earn Credit by Killing Mosquitoes

Kill That Buzz!

Freecharge BuzzKill App Earn Credit by Killing Mosquitoes

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For every 100 mosquitoes you chase down you get Rs.10 freecharge credits(only for first month).biggrin
Chase more earn

Mosquitoes face the music, what happens next blows their minds

“17 types of mosquitoes you must avoid” Not really!

Freecharge BuzzKill App Earn Credit by Killing Mosquitoes

Scans an area of 5 meter radius & counts the number of mosquitoes around you by noting their heat signatures
    DragonSense™: Mimics a Dragonfly’s wing beat frequency, sends out spherical sound waves and creates a mosquito free zone
    BuzzCredits™: Unique feature, in which the more mosquitoes you chase away the more you earn. “Macchar maarne se paise nahi milte?” Wrong!
    Chase away all the ugly mosquitoes


What more to expect:

    BuzzKill pro: for Retail/Hospitality industry, When you play songs through the app, it blends in DragonSense™ and keeps your premise Mosquito free, while your customers enjoy the music
    BuzzKill SDK: Releasing Soon! Give a call to your Tablet kept at home, when it rings, it chases away the mosquitoes in your room, before you arrive.

Get paid for killing mosquitoes (Freecharge Buzzkill)

An interesting app concept by Freecharge, where you kill mosquitoes around you using their all new app, it keeps a track of the mosquitoes detected and your earn freecharge credit for the samewink

Check this video:

Kon Kehta Hai Macchar Maarne Se Paise Nahi Milte.

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