Download Qureka Invite Code: HUSA3148 Get Free Paytm Cash

Download Qureka Invite Code: HUSA3148 Get Free Paytm Cash. Qureka Refer and Earn Paytm Wallet. Qureka Play Daily and Win Mega Prize Monthly Play Live & Win Real Cash. Qureka You get 10 Seconds to answer each question. Answer all Questions correctly and win cash. Gave a wrong answer? use a life to continue playing invite friends to earn lives.

Qureka lets you earn money by doing some real fun brain led activities: 1. Daily live quiz shows that you can play for free, and win cash prizes daily. 2. Play hourly quiz every hour, and win more.

Download Qureka APK Play Live Trivia Game Show & Win Cash:

QUREKA – Play India’s Fastest Quiz & Win Up to Rs 20,000 Daily. Also, get a chance to Win Mega Prize at the end of every month Also, Refer A Friend on Qureka and You can Win 50% of their winnings. Get 10 Rs PayTm Cash Guaranteed too when your friend registers and plays his/her first game. Play Qureka twice every day at 2:30 PM IST and 8:30 PM IST to win prizes.

Qureka Invite Code:

I am playing Qureka to win Rs 1,00,000 this month. You too can win, use my Qureka invite code HUSA3148 to sign up. Click here to install

Qureka Invite CodeHUSA3148
Using Invite Code GetFree Life + Paytm Cash
Earn per InvitePaytm Cash
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
Qureka Redeem PointPaytm Wallet, Bank Account

How to Get Qureka Referral Code Free Paytm Cash:

  1. Download Qureka App Click Here
  2. Install >> Open App >> Tap on Lets Go
  3. Enter Details Verify your Mobile Number Enter Qureka Invite Code: HUSA3148
  4. Skip Tutorial >> Select City
  5. You will Get Free Qureka Life and Earn Money
  6. That’s it Enjoys

Qureka Refer and Earn:

  1. Open Qureka App
  2. Register or Login to the App
  3. Go to Menu >> tap on Invite & Earn
  4. Share your Qureka Invite code with friends and family
  5. Earn Free Qureka Life and Earn Free Paytm Cash

Qureka Get 50% When your friend wins

  • Invite all Friends.
  • Ask them to sign up using your invite code.
  • If they win, you also get 50% of Cash.
  • Qureka Invite Code

Qureka Referral Contest:

  • Rs. 5,000 Daily where top 50 users will win Rs 100 daily by inviting their friends.
  • Rs 50,000 every month where top 50 users will get Rs 1000 by doing maximum invites the month.

Qureka is a daily live quiz show that you can play every day for free, and win Rs.20,000 daily and also play for a monthly mega prize of Rs. 1 lac on 30th April. You can play Qureka twice every day at 2:30 PM IST and 8:30 PM IST. Our daily prize gets split amongst all the winners equally, and in case there is no winner the prize gets added to the prize for the next show. The show has 10 questions and you get 10 seconds to answer each question. Wrong answer or delay in the answer will get you eliminated, but you can use 1 life per game up (till the 9th question) to continue playing the game.

Qureka is completely free and at no point do we ask users to pay us for playing a game, there is no gambling involved when you play Qureka.
The Quiz show has questions from these topics: History, Science, Trending, General Knowledge, Cricket, Technology, Business, Sports, Food, Art, Culture, Politics, Music, Films, TV, Mythology, Movies, Nature, Geography, Literature, Celebs, World & Social. Qureka Invite Code HUSA3148

Qureka Mega Referral Program:

Invite as many friends as possible from your referral code and get prizes when they join and play. Both of you play the same game and whenever your friends wins, you also win 50% of the winning amount. This also applies for the Monthly Mega Quiz, so if your friend wins Rs. 1 lac, you get Rs. 50,000. You also get 2 lives for each successful referral. Qureka Invite Code HUSA3148

You can play live quizzes on Qureka starting from 9AM to 9PM. The live quizzes are available in English & Hindi as of now. The live quiz show has 10 questions (might vary) and you get 10 seconds to answer each question. Our daily prize gets split amongst all the winners equally, and in case there is no winner the prize gets added to the prize for the next show. Qureka also gives you opportunity to earn coins that help you from elimination in live quiz. In any live quiz show, 30 coins get applied automatically on your 1st wrong answer (not applicable on last question). You can earn coins in multiple ways. There are multiple mini quizzes running few times a day, where you can play & earn coins.

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