FanTV Referral Code: Get Free Coins Redeem Amazon Voucher

FanTV Referral Code: Get Free Coins Redeem Amazon Voucher

FanTV Referral Code: Get Free Coins Redeem Amazon Voucher. FanTV App Referral Code – MYD2N7 Get Free Amazon Vouchers.

FanTV is an app that rewards users for watching videos. It’s a platform where entertainment meets earning, offering a variety of Masti videos, daily challenges, and creative trends. The app is gaining popularity for its unique approach to combining entertainment with the opportunity to earn rewards.

Discover New Music, Invest and Own Music | Earn Royalty and Rewards Apply FanTV Referral Code: MYD2N7

FanTV Referral Code:

FanTV Referral CodeMYD2N7
Using Referral Code GetFree 500 Points
Earn per ReferralPoints 500
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
FanTV Redeem CoinGift Vouchers

How FanTV Works

  • Sign-Up Rewards: Upon signing up with the FanTV app referral code, users are rewarded with 250 coins.
  • Earning Coins: Users earn coins by watching videos daily. These coins can be redeemed for Amazon vouchers.
  • Referral Code: The referral code for FanTV is MYD2N7.

How to Earn Free Amazon Voucher Daily?

  1. Download and Install: First, download and install the FanTV App.
  2. Registration: Register using your mobile number and enter the referral code MYD2N7.
  3. Watch Videos: Watch at least 5 videos without skipping to earn coins.
  4. Redeem Rewards: Accumulate coins and redeem them for Amazon vouchers.

Additional Features

  • Diverse Content: The app offers a wide range of songs in multiple genres and languages.
  • Referral Program: Participate in the referral program for additional rewards.
  • Exciting Offers: Users can avail of various offers and discounts on different brands.
  • Jackpots: There are opportunities to win prizes in weekly and monthly jackpots.
  • Content Creation: Users can upload their content and become popular on the platform.


FanTV is an innovative app that blends entertainment with earning potential. By using the referral code MYD2N7, users can start their journey on FanTV, enjoying a variety of content while earning rewards in the form of Amazon vouchers.



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