Download APK TradeX Promo Code Get Free ₹11 Free

Download APK TradeX Promo Code “gjh1y6” Get Free ₹11 Cash

TradeX Promo Code: gjh1y6 TradeX App, TradeX App Refer Earn, TradeX App Referral Code, TradeX App Withdrawal Proof, TradeX App Free PayTM Cash. Download APK TradeX Promo Code Get Free Rs 11 Cash Rewards. TradeX Opinion Earn Daily. OPINION EXCHANGE Buy and Sell shares of real events around you and book profits. Predict the outcome of the events like Weather, Politics, Economics, and trade on the prices based on your opinion. Signup Bonus and Instant Withdrawal available. Download APK TradeX Promo Code “gjh1y6” Get Free ₹11 Cash.

Inviting you to join TradeX app with me. On TradeX we can make predictions using real money on various topics like Sports, Finance, Politics, Amazon, Netflix, News and win if our predictions are right.

Download the app from and use coupon gjh1y6 to get Rs. 1 in your Wallet

TradeX Promo Code:

Join TradeX and earn free Rs 11 Cash Bonuse with my TradeX Promo Code: gjh1y6. Opinion buy and sell shares of real events around and earn money.

TradeX Promo Codegjh1y6
Using Referral Code GetFree Rs 11
Earn per ReferralRs 10
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
TradeX RedeemBank Account
TradeX Promo Code

TradeX is a pioneering app that lets you “trade” on your opinions about real-world events. Be it guessing the temperature for tomorrow, the winner of a political race, or the direction of financial markets, your opinion has the potential to earn you rewards on TradeX. Exciting, isn’t it?

The cherry on top is the new user TradeX promo code ‘gjh1y6’ that rewards you with an instant Rs. 11 cash reward upon signup. It’s easy to sign up, and the app also provides a simple withdrawal process, so you can easily transfer your earnings to your bank account.

Download APK TradeX App Referral Code Earn Free Cash Bonuse:

  1. Click Here & Download TradeX Apk
  2. Install this App & Open it
  3. Register with New Account & Use my TradeX Referral Code: gjh1y6
  4. You will Get Free Signup Bonus Rs 11 in your TradeX Wallet
  5. Using This Credit you can Earn Money by your Opinion
  6. That’s It, This Money you can Transfer into Bank Account

TradeX Refer and Earn Unlimited Cash:

  • Open TradeX App
  • Login into the App
  • Go to Menu >> Tap on Refer and Earn
  • You will Need First Opinion to Unlock this feature
  • That’s it Share your Tradex Promo Code gjh1y6 with Friends
  • Earn Real money.

What is Trade X?

TradeX enables people to trade on opinions that matter to them. Predict Yes or No on different topics and get rewarded based on the outcome of the events. Download APK TradeX Promo Code “gjh1y6” Get Free ₹11 Cash.

This is a revolutionary financial exchange where people can trade on their opinion and hedge everyday risks. Events are much simpler to trade than stocks and crypto. Simply trade yes or no whether an event will happen or not. Trade on Everything you Know Trade on events like Movies, Politics, Economics, Weather etc. Trade on what you know well.

TradeX: A Unique Opinion Exchange Platform

TradeX is revolutionizing the way we perceive and interact with everyday events. It’s not just an app; it’s a platform that allows users to buy and sell shares of real events based on their personal predictions or opinions. With topics spanning Weather, Politics, Economics, and more, TradeX makes for an engaging platform for opinion-based trading.

Make Daily Earnings with TradeX

The opportunity to earn is limitless on TradeX. Predict the outcome of events accurately and book profits based on the trade prices. TradeX Opinion is a unique feature that allows you to earn daily by making the right predictions.

Signup Bonus and Instant Withdrawals

To get you started, TradeX offers a signup bonus when you download the app and register using the promo code ‘gjh1y6’. Once you’ve racked up your earnings, you don’t need to wait for days or weeks to withdraw your money. TradeX provides an easy and instant withdrawal option, ensuring a seamless cash-out process.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the TradeX community using the referral code ‘gjh1y6’ and start making predictions on various topics like Sports, Finance, Politics, Amazon, Netflix, and News. With each right prediction, you are a step closer to winning. Enjoy this unique trading experience and make the most of your analytical skills with TradeX!

Downloading APK TradeX App

To start trading on your predictions, download the TradeX app. The app can be downloaded as an APK file, allowing you to install it directly on your Android device.

Downloading APK TradeX App

Here are the steps to download the TradeX app:

  1. Open your browser and search for ‘TradeX App APK Download’.
  2. Choose a trusted source to download the APK file.
  3. Once downloaded, open the APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your device.

Note: Make sure to adjust your security settings to allow installations from unknown sources. Once the app is installed, you can return your settings to normal.


Trade on any event in the hashtag #ZeroTradingFees and get a 100% refund on your trading fees upto 100 rupees.

This is only applicable when the campaign is running.

How to use the Event Referral TradeX App?

Looking to generate a little side income with TradeX? Why don’t you share your events with friends, family or followers?

Share your unique event links by clicking on the Share button on the top right corner of any event page.

Once you click on the Share button, make your choice of channel where you’d like to share the link.

Once you’ve shared the link with your friends, family or followers, encourage them to trade to ensure you get the 10% referral commission.

Referral commission of each day is processed at 2:30 AM IST ( 9:00 PM UTC).






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