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Spenny Referral Code

Remember the time when you used to save your chillars in “gullak”. Spenny does exactly that but better. It rounds up your digital transactions and not just saves but invests them in a diversified portfolio of your choice. Everytime you conduct a transaction, Spenny rounds up the amount to the nearest Rs. 10 (or its multiple, your choice) and automatically invests the amount. It is quick, easy and secure.

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How does it work Spenny App?

Every time you spend an amount online, we pick the prompt from your message inbox, and round it up to the nearest Rs.10. This amount gets invested in the asset of your choice from the available option- 99.99% pure digital gold, mutual funds, and P2P investments. Apply Spenny Referral Code: 21LEMRYY Get Free 1000 Coins.

You can watch the full video to start your automatic investment now

What are the options available?

There are currently three options available. Details of which are provided below

Spenny Wise: It’s a P2P lending investment option for you. It provides

  • ✅ Up to 10% stable returns
  • ✅ Returns are unrelated to the market performance
  • ✅ Daily interest credited to your portfolio
  • ✅ 7 days lock-in period
  • ✅ Zero hidden charges
  • ✅ Very low risk
  • ✅ One-step easy KYC
  • ✅ Invest lump-sum, SIP, or via automatic roundups

Digital Gold: It is like the gold in our house but better! Why digital gold-
99.99% pure digital gold

  • ✅ Gold available at best prices
  • ✅ Quick and easy withdrawals
  • ✅ One-step easy KYC
  • ✅ Invest lump-sum, or via automatic roundups

Mutual Funds: A regular mutual fund with three types of portfolio based on your risk appetite- Low Risk, Medium Risk & High Risk.

  • ✅ Backed by ICICI & Aditya Birla Mutual Fund
  • ✅ Paperless easy video KYC
  • ✅ Invest lump-sum, or via automatic roundups

How safe & secure is it?

We use bank level safety and partner with insured custodians like the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to ensure your assets are held safely. Your money is professionally handled by experts from ICICI Prudential & Aditya Birla AMC. We’re regulated by SEBI and licensed by AMFI. (ARN-170468) All your personal data & transactions are encrypted & secured using the AES-256 standard. So what’s yours remains only yours.

If you are wondering what happens to your personal message while we take up the transactions, you can rest assured that we do not look into anything except for transactional messages. Apply Spenny Referral Code: 21LEMRYY Get Free 1000 Coins.

Hence, there are no trust issues in this relationship!

Other things you might wanna know

How does the round-up process work?

Every time you pay via debit/credit cards, UPI, or net banking, your bank will send you a confirmation SMS. Spenny picks up the amount by analyzing this message and rounds it up to the nearest Rs.10. All such roundups are added to a cart. As soon as the cart value crosses Rs.100, the money is invested automatically into Mutual Funds, Digital Gold or Spenny Wise (your choice)!

How does the round-up process work?

For example – If you pay Rs.272, Spenny rounds it off to the nearest 10 (272 -> 280), leaving the difference of Rs.8. This, like other roundups, gets added to your cart. Once the cart crosses Rs.100, it is invested.

Why should you invest in Digital Gold, Mutual Funds or Wise using Spenny?

✅ Bank-level security
✅ SEBI-regulated with an AMFI license
✅ Automatic and hassle free investment
✅ Quick & easy withdrawals
✅ Keep track of all your transactions and round-ups
✅ Live chat support

How to do a one time Investment in Spenny Wise, Digital Gold, or Mutual Fund

lump-sum investment in any of the five options:
✅ Spenny Wise (up to 10% stable returns)
✅ Low Risk Mutual Fund (ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Growth)
✅ Medium Risk Mutual Fund (Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund – Growth)
✅ High Risk Mutual Fund (Aditya Birla Sun Life Flexi Cap Fund – Growth)
99.99% Pure 24K Digital Gold

Got more questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]

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