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Do you like to play cricket! Also want to earn real cash daily. Join leagues from different matches and get started.

Playone is the cricket money app! It lets you enjoy your favorite sport meanwhile earn!

Have you ever felt wistful waiting for your withdrawal and thus wasting your time on fantasy apps.
The next big match is about to come and you cannot play just because your withdrawal is on hold. Then you start looking for other new fantasy apps that doesn’t have the same problem. Finally, you lose all your interest in playing the game and you quit it. But it doesn’t have to be that way with us!
We do not brag about ourselves as the best fantasy cricket site in India though we still claim swift withdrawals and thus this makes us stand out of all other new fantasy app.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

With growing popularity, fantasy cricket has been acquiring many customers. And there are numerous platforms that offer services like fantasy cricket. There are hundreds of virtual online games, what makes fantasy cricket so different? The fun begins when you get full control over your team. Fantasy Cricket dictates that you pick out players for your team. You get to choose from an array of real cricketers, the members of your team. Once your team is ready, and you have registered online, you will be scored according to the performance of these players in the field. Isn’t that exciting? Fantasy Cricket required you to have a team of 11 players. On the online platform, you will be displayed about 25 to 30 players. You can choose 11 players based on your discretion. After your team is complete, you will be scored. Scoring is done based on the performance delivered by players in match fields. Don’t get confused; daily fantasy cricket is a mix of fantasy and reality. Your team may be virtually created, but you are scored on the real performance. This fantasy game can be simply defined as a place where you can relax and enjoy cricket. This is power-packed with the ease of picking out a team, and the adrenaline pump caused by real cricket. Besides this, it is also a great way to direct your obsession regarding real cricket. Seeing a real cricket match on television or in a stadium wouldn’t get you any money, but participating in fantasy cricket would! Climb up the leader board and claim your cash price!

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

There are many games that are online-based, and they are essentially the same. So playing fantasy cricket isn’t that different at all. First, you need to log into a cricket fantasy app. The next thing you need to do is make the team. In online fantasy cricket, you can have a maximum of 11 team members. Once you have prepared your team, you can choose to join matches and leagues. The result of which will depend on the real performance delivered by cricketers on the field. Most people love fantasy cricket because they have full control over the functioning of the team. As a fantasy cricket player, you get to compose the team of your dreams. You are full of options from all-rounders to wicketkeepers. It all depends on you! And not just that, you also get to choose the Captain and the Vice-Captain of your team. This gives more than just a feeling of satisfaction to many players. It forms the basis of every Online Fantasy Cricket game! For more info on team creation/combination you can click here.

What Makes Fantasy Cricket so engaging?

Fantasy sports are never a dull moment. And Playone takes things to a whole new level each time. Here are three things why people love fantasy cricket with us:
1. The power to create your own team. You get to pick anyone you want. It does not matter if they play in rival teams or are totally different on all scales. You can put them together on one team! There are hardly any rules during team building.
2. Fantasy cricket apps, especially the new fantasy cricket apps, make sure to bring exciting matches. If it gives a feeling that you are physically involved in these matches, it creates fun like nothing else!
3. And the best thing is you get cash prizes. The only edge that fantasy sports have over real sports is the cash benefit. Imagine! Fantasy cricket allows you to earn some money whereas watching a cricket match hardly gets you anything. Why not earn a little with fantasy cricket during every match.

Where to Play Fantasy Cricket?

If you are looking for a place to play fantasy cricket, Playone is a the place to start off with. It is a relatively newer gaming app but has a lot to offer. People who have had a chance to play on Playone have some really nice things to say about it.

What is Playone Invite Code?

Think you can challenge me on PlayOne? Tap link to download the app & use my Playone invite code COUPLG5KGX6IL to get a Cash Bonus of ₹50! Let the games begin.

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