Download Notification History App to Read Whatsapp Deleted Message

Whatsapp Delete for Everyone Message Read When messages that are deleted. notification history app for whatsapp. here is a trick to read this message. How To DeActivate / Disable Recall / Unsend / Revoke / Retake / Undo Or Delete Message For Everyone Features In Official Whatsapp For Android Smartphones 2017 With The Help Of Notification History Log App Or Apk. Now, it has been found that the ‘delete for everyone’ feature can be easily surpassed. Here’s how you can still view a deleted message without rooting the device, or tampering with the app.

Download APK Notification History Log App:

  1. Click here & Download Notification History Log App
  2. Install >> Open >> Allow all Permission
  3. Using This App you can Read Whatsapp Deleted Message
  4. That’s it

Currently, if you are on the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, you can delete or recall a message by tapping on the message and choosing the delete option. From here, you can decided to whether delete it for yourself or for everyone. When launched, it was reported that a user could recall or delete a message within 7 minutes of the message being sent. However, in our own tests, we found the limit can be easily surpassed.

How to Read Whatsapp Delete for Everyone Message Trick:

  1. You Need Above App so Download Above App
  2. This app not available in Play Store so Download APK
  3. Using This App you can Read Whatsapp Delete for Everyone Message
  4. Enjoy This App

WhatsApp images support added. That means you can view images received by WhatsApp application even if they are deleted. To mirror and view images please enable storage permission. Images can be opened within notification detailed view by tapping on any of the items labeled as “photo”. Please note this function is now in beta version, if you are experiencing any inconveniences, please let us know as soon as possible. You can enable or disable the function from side menu, by tapping a “WhatsApp monitoring” option.







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