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Leaguex Introduction

Every year, the IPL season keeps the cricket enthusiasts on the couch until the last match of the season. With LeagueX, we take the game one step further from being a spectator sport to a sport the fans can actively involve in. One of the players in India’s virtual gaming scene, we offer fantasy cricket to ardent gamers with more people joining us each day. We know how IPL season stirs up the fans and to keep them in an all time high, we give them the chance to be squad owners themselves on our fantasy platform. All you need is your cricket knowledge and good decision-making skills to build your LeagueX squad within the maximum of 100 Cr. Your squad earns points according to the performance of the players selected by you in the real-life matches. So pick your players wisely!

  • Select A Match:Pick any of the matches from the current or upcoming cricket series.
  • Create Your Squad:Use your cricket knowledge and strategy to create your squad within a budget of 100 Cr.
  • Join A league:Participate in any free or cash league on LeagueX to practise or win cash and prove yourself as a skilled player.
  • Follow The Match:Watch the real match and keep a track of your fantasy scorecard which is refreshed every 2 minutes.

Make Your Squad

1. Pick your players

You can easily create your squad by picking out 11 players from all 4 categories within a budget of 100 Cr. where each player has a certain value to his name. For a full squad you need to pick the following number of players:

  • 1 Wicket-keeper
  • 3 Batsmen
  • 3 Bowlers
  • 4 Players of any role

The other thing you need to be mindful of is the players you can afford in your budget. Indeed, picking players is a little tricky. But hopefully, with your cricket knowledge, managing skill and your players’ performance, you can have a great squad!

2. Pick your Squad’s Captain and Vice-Captain

Once you have picked the players for your LeagueX squad, now’s the time to pick a Captain and Vice-Captain.

  • Your Captain gets 2x points scored by him in the real game.
  • Similarly, your Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points scored by him in the real game.
3. Create Multiple Squads

The chances of your win largely depends on how you pick the players in your squad. And to give your more chances of a win, LeagueX lets you create upto 4 squads per match, any of which can be chosen by you join a battle. All you need to do is to simply click on ‘Create Squad’ to create another one.

4. Updates

Picking out the players to be in your squad pretty much determines your odds of winning. And we know how important it is for you to have all the information you need for choosing your players. This is why we have created the ‘Update’ section next to the ‘Create Squad’ section that gives you real-time updates on your players, statistics and matches going around to help you pick the best players!

5. Relaxed Deadline

One of the other thing LeagueX lets you do is the ability to make changes in your squad just one ball before the match starts! This gives you enough time to decide which players you’d like to be on your squad and play to win.

Edit Your Squad

You can make any number of changes to your LeagueX squad such as changing your Captain or Vice Captain, before thedeadline of that match which is a bowl before the match starts.
To make changes, select the ‘Edit Your Squad’ button. To be on top of things, keep an eye on which of your players are playing the real match and keep your session updated at all times.

Leaguex Fantasy Cricket Points System

The players you select as your Fantasy Cricket squad’s Captain and and Vice-Captain will receive 2 and 1.5 times the points for their performance. Strike rate scoring is applicable only for strike rate below 70 runs per 100 balls.

Batting Points

For every run scored+1 ptDuck Out-15 ptsFor every 6 hit+2 ptsFor every 4 hit+1 pt25 – 49 Runs+10 pts50 – 74 Runs+20 pts75 – 99 Runs+30 pts100+ Runs+30 ptsStrike Rate 0-74.99-15 ptsStrike Rate 75-99.99-10 ptsStrike Rate 100-149.99+5 ptsStrike Rate 150-199.99+10 ptsStrike Rate 200++15 pts

Bowling Points

Per wicket taken+20 ptFor every dot ball+1 ptsFor every maiden+20 pts2 Wickets+10 ptEvery wicket thereafter+10 ptsEconomy rate : 0-4.99+15 ptsEconomy rate: 5.01-7.99+10 ptsEconomy Rate: 8.01-9.99+5 ptsEconomy Rate: 10.01-11.99-10 ptsEconomy Rate: 12+-15 pts

Fielding Points

10 points for each catch resulting in a fall of wicket.15 points for each stumping resulting in a fall of wicket.10 points for a run-out (The run-out bonus points will only go to the fielder responsible for the throw, not the fielder who removes the bails).

General Points

3 points for playing the match


All points attributed to a virtual player, and thereby added to the accumulated points tally of a virtual squad, shall be doubled in case player is declaed by the user of that virtual squad as the ‘Captain’ of such squad.

Vice – Captain

All points attributed to a virtual player, and thereby added to the accumulated points tally of a virtual squad, shall be multiplied by 1.5 times in case player is declared by the user of that virtual squad as the ‘Vice Captain’ of such squad.

Your Wallet

On your player dashboard, you can click on ‘My Wallet’ to keep a tab on your transactions or deposit money to participate in cash league or invite your friends to a cash league of your own. Inside the wallet, you’ll see two terms:

  • Cash Balance: is the total balance in your wallet. You can add more by adding money to your wallet.
  • Cash Bonus: is the balance LeagueX gives you from time to time which you can use to participate in any cash leagues to win some money! However, this bonus comes with an expiration date, so better use it before it vanishes!

Leaguex Withdraw Money

By going to the ‘Withdraw Money’ tab on your dashboard, you can take out your LeagueX winnings anytime you wish to. And you will not be charged any processing fee to withdraw this amount. However, we do ask that you give your PAN and bank details to transfer you the money.

Leaguex Verify Your Account

Your LeagueX account needs to be verified before you start withdrawing money. You can simply verify your account by giving your mobile number, email address, PAN and bank details.

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