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Download APK Hood Referral Code 0XFXTQ Earn Free ₹25 Free Paytm Cash. Hood Refer and Earn Unlimited Cash Bonus by Referring Friends. Hood – Discover Truth Hood, a new-age pseudonymous social network, empowers common people to stand up and share their true stories without having to worry about being judged. Hood wants you to be bold and unforgiving when it comes to unveiling the truth.

On Hood, anyone can share their thoughts using a pseudonymous username. The app aims to provide an anonymous social media platform for everyone to speak the truth fearlessly, stand up to power and discover the reality. It empowers individuals to share their true experiences with the community.

Wear a mask and express yourself fearlessly! Be a part of an unfiltered honest world.

Hey! I am inviting you to join Hood, an anonymous social network. Discover college and company groups to connect with like-minded people, anonymously. Use my referral code 0XFXTQ

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  • Open Hood App
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How it works

1) Connect with your network (contacts or Twitter)
2) Choose a username (Don’t write your name, be pseudonymous)
3) Filter topics through hashtags
4) Share away the truth

It’s that simple!

P.S: We keep your privacy and safety at priority, always.

Why to be on Hood?

The startup community is getting bigger day by day and there is no place to share the real behind the scenes without revealing your identity. But on Zorro, an anonymous social media platform, with a smooth onboarding process, anyone can create their own pseudonymous identity and share their side of the story. REMEMBER: NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE ON HOOD.

New On Hood: Anonymous Groups

Now you can create public and private groups to share ideas, beliefs, and experiences that otherwise would have been difficult to share. Learn about brands, work culture, environment, trends, and much more in these groups.

Learn How Everything Works at These Anonymous Groups

  • 👉 Search for groups related to your company, college, interest, etc (You can create one as well)
  • 👉 Share your opinions/views on different topics shared in groups.
  • 👉 Ask questions in case you have any and engage with people like you, anonymously!
  • 👉 Create private or public groups according to your needs/requirements.
  • 👉 Share your experiences fearlessly in these groups and create a circle of your own.

These groups may be formal, brought together for a particular purpose like salary discussion, company experience, medical problems, etc. or they may be informal meant for entertainment like Bollywood, Cricket, etc. You may also create your own private group to discuss certain topics with specific anonymous profiles.

  • 👉 Have something interesting to tell? Get on Hood and pour your heart out!
  • 👉 Startup Funding didn’t go as planned? Get on Hood and share your side of the story!
  • 👉 Didn’t get the right working environment? Get on Hood and help others with your experience!
  • 👉 New FinTech Startup that’s going to be the next big thing? Get on Hood and discuss your perspective!
  • 👉 Your kids aren’t happy with that one EdTech? Get on Hood and share their experience to help others!
  • 👉 Getting a good hike in a MedTech Startup but not sure? Get on Hood and discover the truth!

Have any interesting startup stories (salary, culture, funding, environment anything) or want to read what others have to say about your company? Get on Hood and Discover the Truth.

Your suggestions are valuable. Drop us your feedback at [email protected]

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