Download APK Handy Pick Referral Code Earn Free 100 Token

Download APK Handy Pick Referral Code: 2E922L Get Free 100 Handy Token Worth ₹300. Handy Pick Refer and Earn ₹65/Referral. Play to win your daily rewards! Prediction Game Platform that anyone can easily play. Play HandyPick to win various Daily Reward Pool! Play easy, Get Handy. The moment the prediction hits, the prize money FLEX! A prediction platform that anyone can easily participate in, that anyone can easily play. Daily coffee value earns various Earn chicken money, Sim.G.Oh, to salary ?!! Easily earn living expenses with a few prediction games! Play together, Enjoy better. Let your friends know about your prediction!

The Platform for Prediction and Reward Handy is a fun and exciting prediction game platform that anyone can enjoy. It provides various game contents and plans to add more contents such as predicting stock price, e-sports and sports matches. Handy’s primary goal is to provide content that users who already have interests in virtual assets can enjoy. We additionally aim to draw other users who are not yet interested in virtual assets to be our potential users by utilizing popular content. Through Handy’s contents, users can enjoy the prediction game, and they can have Handy Tokens as rewards if they become winners.

Referral Code : 2E922L
Referral Link:

Handy Pick Referral Code:

Join Handy Pick and earn 100 Token with my Handy referral code: 2E922L. This 100 Handy Token worth Rs 300 This Token you Redeem into INR and transfer to bank account.

Handy Pick Referral Code2E922L
Using Referral Code GetFree 100
Earn per Referral100
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
Handy Pick Token RedeemBank Transfer

How to Get Free Handy Token Using Hany Pick Referral Code:

  1. Click Here & Download Handy Pick App
  2. Register into the App & Use my Handy Pick Referral Code: 2E922L
  3. Using this Referral Code you will Get Free 100 Handy Token
  4. This Handy Token can redeem into Bank Account
  5. That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offer

Handy Pick Refer and Earn Free Handy Token:

  • Open Handy Pick App
  • Login into the App
  • Go to Menu >> Tap on Invite Friends
  • Share your Handy Pick Referral Code with Friends
  • Earn Free Handy Token worth Rs 75 & Your Friends Get worth Rs 300 Token
  • That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offer

The amount of receiving Handy from a referral code will be changed. We inform you all that the amount receiving Handy from a referral code will be changed starting on 8th march to coincide with the rising price of Handy. Date 8th March 2021 start on 00:00KST amount : 10 Handy. 10 Handy for you and your friend Please check the out and try to invite your friends before the update to get more handy. Handy Pick Referral Code Use to Get Free Rewards.

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