Download APK Growfitter Referral Code Earn Free Subscription Coins

Download APK Growfitter Referral Code AAMEZWCV Free 100

Download APK Growfitter Referral Code: AAMEZWCV Earn Free Amazon Prime Membership. Growfitter Refer and Earn Unlimited Rewards Bonus. This Bonus you can redeem into Airpods, Free Services and much more. Launching fitness as a new currency! Stay on top of your fitness routine with Growfitter. Find the perfect way to reward yourself. We have curated an exclusive set of lifestyle rewards which you can achieve by simply doing any fitness activity. The reward ranges from a movie ticket to the iPhone.

Download APK Growfitter Referral Code AAMEZWCV Free 100

Download Growfitter app walk, run, cycle for 30 mins and earn assured exciting rewards like iPhone, Google Home Mini, Apple AirPods, iWatch, Protein shaker, H&M T-Shirt, Gym Bag, Digital Gold & many more.
Growfitter is gamified wellness platform, rewards users to adopt an active & health lifetyle. Walk, Run, Cycle, Workout, Swimming for 30 mins daily or take a Health Quiz and earn assured premium rewards.
Walk, Run, Cycle for 30 mins daily and earn assured premium rewards with Growfitter!

Growfitter Freedom Referral Challenge:

Growfitter Freedom Referral Challenge – Get assured Amazon Voucher | Win OnePlus 9RT, Mountain Bike etc

Rank 1:iPhone 13
Rank 2:Mountain Bike
Rank 3:Redmi 9i
Rank 4:Google Home Mini
Rank 5:Defy Smartwatch
Rank 6:Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt 
Rank 7:Yoga Mat 
Rank 8:Rs 200 Digital Gold 
Rank 9:The Moms Co. Free Face Wash
Rank 10:Rs 100 Digital Gold
Growfitter Referral Code: AAMEZWCV

Growfitter is a Machine learning Fitness discovery and booking platform building comprehensive technology for Fitness Industry with more than 8000+ listed fitness centers across 11 cities Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, NCR, Chennai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Goa and Nashik with Exclusive partnership with big fitness franchise Pan India. Explore best health and fitness centers nearby. Get best deals and discounts on fitness membership only on

India’s Fittest City Challenge Lead the fitness revolution in your city and create history Join the challenge, walk & refer to win rewards and make your city the fittest city in India! Walk & Refer to win total rewards worth up to Rs 50 Lacs. is India’s Biggest Incentivised Wellness Platform. We are a machine learning technology startup building health quotient of India and revolutionizing the health, wellness & fitness industry with the technology solutions. We have listed around 12000+ fitness centre across 14 cities PAN India. You can look for gym and fitness centres near to your location, can book a trial or can buy the best gym and fitness centres deals online. You can also check out the information like membership fees, a number of personal trainers, schedules and timing, latest workout equipment, amenities, images, videos and virtual tour.

Growfitter Referral Code:

Join Growfitter and earn free Coins with my referral code: . Redeem for Amazon Prime, Airpods, Services and much more. Hey! download the Growfitter app and use my growfitter referral code: AAMEZWCV to earn exciting rewards

Growfitter Referral CodeAAMEZWCV
Using Referral Code GetFree 1 Coin
Earn per ReferralCoins
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
Growfitter Redeem PointFree Rewards
Growfitter Referral Code

How to get Free Coins Using Growfitter Referral Code:

  1. Click Here & Download Growfitter App
  2. Register into the App >> Enter my Growfitter Referral Code: AAMEZWCV
  3. After Apply This Code and Successfully Login into the App
  4. You will Get Free 1 Coins
  5. This Coins Redeem into Free Rewards
  6. That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offers

Growfitter Refer and Earn Free Coins Rewards Bonus:

But wait, there’s more! Growfitter’s ‘Refer and Earn’ program allows you to earn unlimited reward bonuses by simply referring friends and family. When they join using your referral code, both you and your referral earn rewards.

  • Open Growfitter App
  • Login into the app
  • Go to Menu >> Tap on Refer and Earn
  • Share your Growfitter Referral Code: AAMEZWCV with Friends and Family
  • Earn Free Coins That’s it Enjoy This Loot Offer

What are the rewards covered in Growfitter?

We offer 3 kinds of rewards Short, Medium, and Long term rewards ranging from Movie tickets, Flight ticket vouchers, Protein shakers, Fitness merchandise, Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Fitness band, AirPods, iPhone, International Hotel stay, and many more. We are partnering with Global brands including Uber, Starbucks, H&M, Apple, Amazon, and many premium brands to offer in our reward program. Growfitter Referral Code: AAMEZWCV.

Download APK Growfitter Referral Code AAMEZWCV Free 100

How to earn rewards on Growfitter?

Members can earn rewards in two different ways. One way is through completing the fitness goal and earning Growfitter Active Days. Other is through Growfitter Referral Points. Both offer different rewards from different brands. Members get access to the premium rewards, by subscribing to
Growfitter Premium membership.

Active Days Rewards: When you complete any fitness activity, you earn Growfitter Active Days. You can then use earned Active Days against your selected reward to claim from exclusive brands.

Referral Points Rewards: For every person that you refer to Growfitter who registers on the platform, you earn 1 point. Points can then be exchanged to claim rewards from the top brands.

What are activities that can be done or tracked through Growfitter?

There are different types of fitness activities you can do using the Growfitter app. You can do Walking, Running, Cycling, Health Quiz, LIVE Workout, Gym workout, Yoga, Dance, Boxing, Swimming, Sports, and many more. Growfitter Referral Code: AAMEZWCV.

Why Growfitter?

  1. Fitness as a Currency: Growfitter introduces fitness as a new currency. With every step you take towards a healthier lifestyle, you earn rewards.
  2. Extensive Reward Catalogue: From movie tickets to AirPods, and even an iPhone – the range of rewards you can earn through the Growfitter app is broad and enticing.
  3. Motivation & Consistency: Knowing that you are working towards tangible rewards can serve as a constant motivation to stay consistent with your fitness routine.

How to Get Started:

  1. Download the APK Growfitter App: Download the APK Growfitter app on your smartphone.
  2. Use Referral Code: While registering, use the referral code AAMEZWCV. This will give you free coins to kickstart your fitness journey.
  3. Engage in Fitness Activities: Walk, run, cycle, workout, or swim for at least 30 minutes daily, or take a health quiz.
  4. Earn Rewards: For every fitness activity, earn assured exciting rewards like iPhone, Google Home Mini, Apple AirPods, iWatch, Protein shaker, H&M T-Shirt, Gym Bag, Digital Gold and much more.


Growfitter is revolutionizing the way we perceive fitness. By blending wellness with rewards, it ensures that you are not just working towards a healthier lifestyle, but also earning exciting rewards in the process. Download the APK Growfitter app, use the referral code AAMEZWCV and start your journey towards a fitter and more rewarding life today!



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