Download APK Genesisau Referral Code 7vYRt7ub – Free ₹10

Download APK Genesisau Referral Code 7vYRt7ub Get Free ₹100 Cash Bonus. Genesisau Refer and Earn Free Cash Bonus by Referring Friends. Grab a free ₹100 cash bonus using the Genesisau referral code 7vYRt7ub. Refer friends for more! But, be alert – it’s allegedly a fake website. Read on to know more. Genesisau APK: Get Free Cash Bonus with Referral Code 7vYRt7ub but Exercise Caution!

Genesisau Referral Code:

Genesisau Referral Code 598FTK
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Genesisau Redeem CashBank Account

Are you on the hunt for some easy cash bonuses? Genesisau might have caught your attention, promising a free ₹100 cash bonus with the use of a referral code. Not just that, Genesisau also boasts of a Refer and Earn program. However, before you dive into it, it’s imperative to know the whole truth. This article unravels the details of Genesisau and the precautions you should exercise.

What is Genesisau?

Genesisau is an online platform that claims to offer users a cash bonus when they sign up using a referral code. Additionally, it proposes to let users earn extra cash bonuses by referring friends.

How to Download Genesisau APK and Get ₹100 Cash Bonus

Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading the Genesisau APK and availing of the cash bonus:

  1. Click Here & Visit Genesisau Website: Head to the official Genesisau website.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account by entering your basic details.
  3. Enter Genesisau Referral Code: Use the referral code 7vYRt7ub during sign-up to get a ₹100 cash bonus credited to your account.
  4. Download the APK: Follow the prompts to download the Genesisau APK on your smartphone.
  5. Refer and Earn: Share your unique referral code with friends to earn additional cash bonuses when they sign up.

Caution: Genesisau’s Legitimacy is Questionable

Before you get excited about the prospects of earning easy cash bonuses, there are critical facts to consider:

  1. Lack of Transparency: The Genesisau website lacks transparent information about its operations and ownership.
  2. Too Good To Be True: The offer of easy cash bonuses with little to no effort raises eyebrows.
  3. User Complaints: There are reports from users claiming that the website is fake and cautioning others not to invest money.

What Should You Do?

Given the concerns regarding the legitimacy of Genesisau, it’s prudent to exercise extreme caution:

  1. Don’t Invest Money: As tempting as the offers might be, refrain from investing any money on the platform.
  2. Research: Conduct thorough research and read reviews before engaging with any online platform that offers rewards or cash bonuses.
  3. Report: If you come across any fraudulent activities, report them to the appropriate authorities.


While the promise of a free ₹100 cash bonus using the Genesisau referral code 7vYRt7ub and additional rewards through a Refer and Earn scheme might seem enticing, it is essential to remain vigilant. The concerns surrounding the authenticity of Genesisau are significant. It’s always wise to prioritize your financial security and exercise due diligence when engaging with online platforms, especially those that offer rewards and bonuses with minimal effort.

Stay informed, and tread carefully!

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