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Fleek: Manage, Track & Split Subscription Payments

When you need help in managing your subscriptions and memberships, Fleek is the solution. This app’s amazing features allow you to track subscriptions, make payments, cancel unwanted plans, and more. That means no more unwanted charges for subscriptions you forgot to cancel. Instead, you will be in complete control! Want to learn more? Check out this list of Fleek’s premium features.

Manage All of Your Subscriptions and Recurring Expenses In One Place

Trying to manage all of your subscriptions and memberships can get complicated. With different expiration dates and payment amounts, you could easily overlook one of your plans.

But not with Fleek.

GetFleek app keeps all your subscriptions in one place. You can see how much you are spending on each subscription.

Track Expiration and Renewal Dates📆

Want to quickly find out when your subscription is expiring? You can with Fleek!

Fleek provides that information whenever you need it. So, no more wasting time hunting for expiration dates.

Smart Notifications 🔔 for Timely Reminders

Life is busy. The last thing you are thinking about is your next billing date.

Good thing you don’t have to. Fleek will keep track of it for you. The app will send you a reminder three days before the renewal date.

This allows you to cancel any unwanted subscriptions, memberships, and premium plans before they automatically renew.

Auto Cancel Free Trials

It happens to us all. We start a free trial and then forget to cancel it.

But with Fleek, that doesn’t have to happen ever again. Instead, you can set up auto cancellations. That means you won’t be charged for something you don’t want.

So, the next time you sign up for a free trial, you can rest easy. Why? Because Fleek will cancel it before the renewal date.

Quickly Cancel with Just a Toggle
Canceling a subscription isn’t always an easy process. But Fleek can help you with that too.

When using this app, all you need to do is toggle. Then the plan is cancelled!

And if you change your mind, it’s just as easy to restart the subscription. How much more efficient can you get?

More features coming soon:

Easily Upgrade Your Subscriptions to Premium Plans
Do you want to upgrade your plan to the premium option? That’s yet another task that becomes super easy with Fleek. The app allows you to upgrade any of your plans whenever desired.

Split Subscription Expenses with Your Friends 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
Splitting payments with friends or co-workers can be kind of a hassle. One person has to pay the full amount, then the other person has to remember to pay back his or her contribution.

With Fleek, there’s no need to keep track of this. By using UPI, the app allows you to split subscription payments. Fleek Auto will then collect each users’ contribution to the plan.

Discover Your Friends’ Subscriptions
Fleek can help you find new and exciting subscriptions. How? By letting you take a look at the plans your friends have subscribed to.

Purchase New Subscriptions
When you want to purchase a new subscription, don’t waste time heading over to the website. Instead, buy the plan right on the app.

To top it all off, the app is super easy to use. With Fleek’s clean design and user-friendly features, it will be a breeze to manage your subscriptions and memberships.

Download the app now!

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