Download APK Doosra Get Indian Virtual Numbers for OTP Calls Verification

Download APK Doosra Get Free Virtual Numbers for OTP/Calls Verification. You can Earn Unlimited Referral Trick by referring to using these virtual numbers. How To Get Indian Virtual Numbers For OTP/Calls Verifications | New App.

Getting spam calls and annoying SMSes for a loan, credit card or that exotic vacation that are the bane of our existence. You’re left wondering “How the **** did they get my mobile number?” And the worst part is there was no sure way of solving this. Well, until now!

Doosra gives a new 10-digit mobile number that you can give at all places for shopping, loyalty points and all other random places that demand a number for reasons best known to them. Simply download our app and take back control. With Doosra, you can allow calls only when you want them to, everything else is silently ignored. Want to know more about our features? Keep scrolling.

How to Get Free Virtual Numbers Using Doosra App:

  1. Click Here & Download Doosra App
  2. Register or Login into the App
  3. After Successfully Registered Select Doosra Free Plan For 30 Days Option and Buy Now using Rs.99
  4. After Successfully Payment you will Get Unlimited Virtual Numbers
  5. That’s it Enjoy

What you get when you sign up with Doosra:

  • Call Filter: With Doosra, we are turning the usual telecom service on its head. All calls are blocked by default and only those contacts whom you wish to receive calls from can contact you.
  • Call Log: All calls, even while they are blocked, can be seen in the app and you can choose to call-back or simply ignore them.
  • SMS Messages: All messages sent to your Doosra number will be available in the mobile app. OTPs and other time-sensitive SMSes are sent as a push notification.
  • Trusted Contacts: Only the contacts you add to your contact book may reach you. Everyone else? Blocked.
  • Trusted Services: Only the partner businesses whom you want to receive calls from may reach out to you. Once again this is in your control.
  • Pause Call Filter: Expecting an important call on your Doosra number, pause the call filter for an hour or pause it around your location. So pause it at malls, conferences, conventions, and anywhere else where you may need to receive calls.
  • Secure Call-back: Perhaps one of our best features. Ever received a call from an unknown number but didn’t call back due to the fear of exposing your personal number? With this feature, you can call back without revealing your number.

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