Download APK CockFight Invite Code juwacg Free ₹100

Download APK CockFight Invite Code juwacg Free ₹100 Download APK CockFight CC Invitation Code + Refer & Earn Free 100

Download APK CockFight Invitation Code: juwacg to get Free 100 Coins. Cock Fight Refer and Earn Unlimited Coin. CockFight App Get ₹100 on Signup and ₹100 per refer. If you refer your friend and he refers someone then also you get downline income ( 5% of whatever he deposits). Let’s play cockfighting, home page My invitation code is: juwacg

Click to copy CockFight Invite Code juwacg

Let’s Play cockfighting, home page MyCockFight Invite Code: juwacg. 1234 Default Verification Code (Click get code first before entering the default code) Invite Code. After Registration get back to me I’ll guide you how to earn money. The app is really interesting, it will help you earn money just learn how to bet properly and follow the betting plan.

CockFight Invite Code: juwacg

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CockFight Invitation Codejuwacg
Using Referral Code GetFree 100 Points
Earn per ReferralPoints 100
Invite a Friend programOnly For App
CockFight Redeem PointBank Account

How to Get Free Coin Using CockFight CC Invitation Code:

  1. Click Here & Download CockFight CC App
  2. Register or Login into the App
  3. If you are New User you will Ask for CockFight Invite Code: juwacg Use this Code
  4. You will Get Free 100 Coins
  5. That’s it Enjoy This Offer

Cockfighting is a traditional sport in the Philippines. Unlike other countries, cockfighting is legal here. The chickens participating in the competition will be weighed and placed in a cage. The rooster participating in the competition will stab the opponent with its mouth and claws until one party loses the ability to fight. Only when one of the chickens dies, loses combat power, or both chickens are exhausted, the attacked rooster will stop. CockFight Invite Code: juwacg

Download APK CockFight App:

CockFight can realize all functions of users and agents. It is simple and convenient, and it is easy to earn wages at home.

  • Click the download link of Cockfight APP to download and register your private account . Download
  • Use CockFight Invite Code: juwacg
  • Enter the APP personal page to view everyone’s unique invitation code, forward the game link and invite friends to register and fill in your invitation code. You will see the invited players on your personal page. You have 100 invited players will get 1000rs bonus, you have 1000 invited players will get 10000rs bonus
  • 6% of the bet amount of the players you invite will be displayed in the “My Income” on the APP personal page, which is your permanent cash reward
  • Find the bank card information on your personal page, and then enter your bank card information, this is how you get your salary
  • Select the “Withdraw” function on your personal page to get back the cash you got
  • The player who fills in the invitation code is your first-level downline, and you can get a 0.3% bonus from all bet amounts in the first-level downline
  • The player you invite can also invite other players. The player they invite is your second-level offline, and you can get a 0.3% bonus from all bet amounts that are offline at the second-level
  • Your first and second levels offline will bring you 0.6% of the total bet amount

CockFight Recharge introduction

Cockfight connects the top-up and withdrawal channels of the top ten banks in India, and is gradually strengthening its connection with all banking systems. The ratio of gold coins to rupee in the game is 1:1. This is an electronic wallet for your personal use, safe and stable. You can recharge at any time or withdraw cash at any time.
In order to facilitate player withdrawals, you only need to enter your details in the withdrawal interface, and there will be a dedicated customer service staff to serve you. The cash will be credited to your account within 10 minutes.

We are affiliated to the cockfight game company. We solve problems for players, push events in time, and provide an income channel for all players who need to make money.

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